Feb 29, 2016 ยท 2 minutes

With so many business successes under his belt, it’s sometimes easy to overlook Donald Trump’s role as a tech entrepreneur and investor.

In 2006, Trump was was ahead of the curve when he launched GoTrump, a travel site for discerning business travellers. As the Washington Post explained at the time:

Apparently not content with owning major chunks of planet Earth, Donald Trump last week bought into cyberspace with GoTrump.com, a travel site with the usual array of flights and such, but with some twists: The site includes private jets and tickets to exclusive events, a section featuring the Donald's favorites , an e-mail address to get his travel tips and a 120 percent price guarantee on certain hotel deals.

Trump's expansion into “cyberspace” -- the final frontier -- led one gadfly to wonder what was left for him to conquer. Perhaps (ho ho ho) Trump might want to become President!

Now that Donald Trump has bought into online travel planning with GoTrump.com, I’m really beginning to wonder when he’ll run for President? Scratch that – scary thought. Or not? 

The site was a huge success! How successful? So successful that Trump was able to shut it down just one year later, in 2007. Clearly it had achieved everything it needed to.

Fast forward to 2013 and Trump was ready for another triumph. That triumph was FundAnything -- a crowdfunding platform which Trump launched with a promise to give away millions of dollars to deserving causes.

“People’s lives have been destroyed by this economy and they feel hopeless,” stated Mr. Trump. “FundAnything is a real solution.”

At a packed event held at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York City, Mr. Trump gave away suitcases filled with cash to three fortunate and deserving individuals who have projects to raise money on FundAnything.com. “I believe the private sector is the real engine for growth and success,” added Mr. Trump. “So, I’ve decided to give away money at the grass roots level….my money is and will be going directly into the hands of real people...”

“I’m taking a stand, and am putting my money where my mouth is to help get people back on their feet,” said Mr. Trump during the event. “That’s where FundAnything comes in. It’s the first website that actually lets anyone, anywhere raise money for ANYTHING. And that’s why I support it.”

Mr. Trump intends to give away more of his money to worthy campaigns posted on FundAnything. Each week Mr. Trump will tweet to millions of followers @realDonaldTrump about the people he has selected to help.

Donald Trump always keeps his promises, so it’s safe to assume Trump been giving money away ever since. Of course you wouldn’t know to look at Trump’s twitter feed, which stopped tweeting about FundAnything just a few months after it launched. Trump’s trademark modesty also prompted him to delete his name from the site the year after launch and to never have mentioned it ever again.

With successes like FundAnything and GoTrump it’s utterly baffling that so many people think he won’t follow through on his campaign promises to Make America Great Again.