Mar 1, 2016 ยท 1 minute

We did it!

A few weeks ago, I announced a plan -- along with a few other former NSFWCORP-ers -- to bring back our old NSFWLIVE radio show to cover the US election. The project was completely independent of Pando -- just a fun project for old time’s sake, self-funded and self-destructing after November.   

To make sure we could pay contributors, we set up a Patreon campaign with two main funding goals:

If we reached $500 per show in pledges, we’d start producing shows every two weeks.

In the unlikely event we passed $1000 per show in pledges, we’d move to weekly shows, but still only charge backers for a maximum of two shows a month. The additional shows would be gratis.

Late yesterday afternoon, just hours before Super Tuesday, we passed the $1,000 mark. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of former NSFWLIVE listeners, the show will be streamed live every week, starting tomorrow. We’ll also post new episodes as they’re produced right here for Pando members.

If you’ve missed the first few episodes, you can listen to them again herehere and here.

And then I hope you’ll join us live right here, starting tomorrow at 1pm Pacific for a very special post-Super Tuesday episode.