Mar 4, 2016 · 0 minutes

Here’s Techtopus plaintiff Michael Devine talking about taking on Apple, Googe et al

Should have uploaded this a year ago. But better late than never!

Elsewhere on Pando today, I wrote about Michael Devine, the “rebel plaintiff” in the Techtopus wage fixing case who refused to accept an initial settlement offer from some of the world’s biggest tech giants. That refusal resulted in almost $100m being added to the final settlement.  

While I was researching the other piece, I went in search of Devine’s appearance at our Don’t Be Awful event last year. Couldn’t find it on Vimeo, couldn’t find it on YouTube. As it turned out, we’d uploaded it but forgotten to make it live.

And so here, better very late than very never, is Devine’s interview with Pando’s Mark Ames where they discuss Techtopus, wage fixing and other misbehavior by Apple, Google, Adobe and the gang.