Mar 8, 2016 ยท 1 minute

Here’s a brainteaser for you!

March 2014:

“Bustle, the unfortunately named and ill-marketed woman’s publication launched by Bleacher Report founder Bryan Goldberg in August, has lost at least one prominent investor. Google Ventures has pulled its initial investment of $100K out of the company’s latest round of funding, divesting after deeming the startup out of touch with its values, sources tell us.”

- TechCrunch reports sources at Google Ventures claiming that Google no longer wanted to do business with Bryan Goldberg after he was photographed resting his laptop on a female employee’s lap.

March 2014:

“The buzzy new app Secret — which lets people post messages to their circles of contacts without attribution — has closed a $10 million round of funding at a $50 million post-money valuation, TechCrunch has learned from two sources close to the situation. The funding was led by Google Ventures, with participation also from KPCB.”

- TechCrunch reports sources claiming that Google has invested in teen bullying app, Secret


“Google Wanted To Invest In Uber So Badly, It Gave CEO Travis Kalanick A Blank Term Sheet” 

- Headline on Fast Company


Google has hired the creator of one of the web's most notorious forums - 4chan. Chris Poole - known as "moot" online - created the site in 2003. It has gone on to be closely associated with offensive and often illegal activity, including instances where the images of child abuse were shared. It was widely credited as being the first place where leaked images of nude celebrities were posted following 2014's well-publicised security breach affecting Apple's iCloud service. That incident prompted a policy change on the site.

- BBC reports that Google has hired former 4Chan founder Chris Poole. Google’s Bradley Horowitz later wrote: “I'm thrilled he's joining our team here at Google.  Welcome Chris!”

Your challenge: In 10,000 words or less, explain what exactly Google’s “values” are. Answers on a postcard, please.