Mar 17, 2016 ยท 0 minutes

A lawsuit purportedly filed against Uber by alleged mass shooter Jason Dalton has been exposed as a hoax.

Unfortunately the discovery was made after numerous media outlets, including Reuters and (surprise!) Gawker reported it as fact. An Uber spokesperson had also responded to the fake suit, saying: “It's hard to know how to respond to someone who refuses to take responsibility for his own actions.”

Putting aside the howling irony of Uber as arbiter of taking responsibility for one’s own actions, the story is remarkable as yet another example of the race to publish stories that seem too good to be true. In this case, the  combination of two favorite media demons -- a serial killer and a morally bankrupt corporation -- was apparently just too newsworthy to be considered worthy of fact checking.

That job was left to the local sheriff’s department handling the shooting investigation which pointed out the suit, written by hand and claiming to have been filed by Dalton was mailed in Philadelphia while the alleged shooter was locked in a Michigan jail.

Well done, everybody.