Mar 30, 2016 ยท 1 minute

Tim Draper is the gift that keeps on giving. Or rather the gift that keeps on taking.

We've written so much here on Pando about Draper University and Draper's ludicrous startup reality show that searched high and low for new, hidden entrepreneurial talent before awarding its top prize to... a rich white kid with a terrible idea.

Yesterday, a tipster (a former Draper U student who has asked to remain anonymous) forwarded me an invitation from Draper to join his "Masters" program.

The program, which teaches "coding, finanical empowerment, robomarketing and growlth hacking" is offered "in a team-based... unique and fun way." It also costs forty grand, which includes -- I'm not kidding -- "hero training."

"Consider applying yourself," indeed.

Hero training, in case you were wondering, involves reciting a creepy uber-libertarian pledge to "promote freedom at all costs." 

As our tipster explains:

They even have a session called “Go” which basically means 3 months of nothing (you get to “work” on your startup. Sounds great on paper, it isn’t). Even their “mentors” are previous alumni who don’t have money and who are offered a place to stay by Tim and his team in exchange for “mentoring” the new students...
I did Draper University and it was terrible (should have known by the fact that real accelerators pay YOU to join...) I almost dropped out several times but was convinced to stay by the other people doing the program. Who were very nice people and whom I still talk to regularly.
If there's one thing Draper's reality show taught us, it's that someone with a genuinely good idea isn't going to get a whole lot of value from Draper University. In fact, they're more likely to waste a whole lot of time. And if you have a genuinely good ideas and $40k to spare you definitely don't need Draper to make a go of it. 
If on the other hand, you have money to burn and a terrible idea and need an excuse to bum around for a few months... well, I guess you could be a Hero, just for 40k.