Apr 11, 2016 ยท 0 minutes

On Friday, I posted another "lost" video from our 2015 "Don't Be Awful" 24 hour event. 

Today, I'm posting the very last of them: Interviews between Pando's David Holmes and Cain Ramirez of  Cowgirl Bike Couriers, a company that aims to empower women and promote sustainability through cycling,  and Ayelet Baron, a former tech exec who talks about how she fired herself from Silicon Valley.

There are over a dozen videos now available in the series, all of which can be viewed for free by searching "Don't Be Awful" on YouTube.

Watching them all again reminded me how much fun the event was, not to mention how vitally important the discussion around Valley awfulness is. I'd love to host another in 2017 if we can find a sponsor and/or a venue. Drop me a note c/o Pando if you're interested in helping with either. 

Either way, enjoy the last two videos from the event...