Apr 19, 2016 ยท 0 minutes

This week, we taped back to back episodes of out crowdfunded radio show about the presidential election (and other things political).  

In the first, I'm joined by James Aylett in London to talk about Britain's impending (possible) exit from the European Union. For those who think America is the only western democracy faced with a terrifying decision in the next few months, it's essential listening.

The second episode, which I'll post tomorrow, features former NSFWCORP Sex and Science editor, Leigh Cowart. For the best part of an hour, Leigh and I discuss her recent Pando piece about Donald Trump's abortion flip flops and how Ted Cruz might actually be worse. Then things start to go slightly loopy when we get onto the subject of Hillary Clinton and cheesecake.

First, the James Aylett episode, brought to you courtesy of our wonderful Patreon backers...