Apr 19, 2016 ยท 1 minute

Remember Travis Kalanick’s disastrous appearance on Colbert?

The one where he was repeatedly heckled by taxi drivers in the audience and then mocked by Colbert for serving “casserole from the back of a Buick”?

Well, the story just got more embarrassing: Uber just dropped its casserole from a Buick service in New York.

According to Business Insider, the company sent a letter to customers explaining that their instant delivery service -- which actually only delivered salads and sandwiches -- will no longer be available. That means no more “you push a button and food appears”.

Still available is Uber’s regular EATS clone of Postmates which offers to collect food on your behalf from local restaurants. Ever eager to give Uber the benefit of the doubt, Business Insider suggests that if Uber can’t make food delivery work then perhaps nobody can.

If Uber couldn't make the logistics work, it could be a sign of trouble for a company wanting to pitch itself as the future of transportation. Or, it could be a sign to the other businesses in the crowded food delivery market that there isn't a good business to be made trying to be the fastest and cheapest option out there. 

Uh huh. The problem was Uber was trying to be too good and too cheap. Alternatively, as Kalanick’s Colbert performance showed, it could be that Uber’s EATS service was always a half-assed idea that barely even went beyond a snappy slogan and an attempt to… no pun intended… eat its rivals’ lunch.

The real lesson, perhaps, is to stick with what you’re good at.