Apr 25, 2016 ยท 1 minute

Here’s something wonderful for a Monday morning: Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi was caught on video calling Travis Kalanack and his fellow Uber execs a bunch of “dicks.”

Even better, the video was captured via Periscope while the mayor was riding in a Lyft.

Said the mayor: ""Uber — there's no polite way of saying this — have a brilliant business model, and are dicks… They are honestly the worst people in the world to me. I've never dealt with people like this before."

Sounds about right.

You can watch the video below. For my money, the biggest losers in the whole mico-scandal are Lyft who now have to answer questions about why one of their drivers thought it was OK to Periscope broadcast riders without their permission. That prospect should send a chill down the spine of anyone who has ever taken a ridesharing car home late at night.

The second biggest loser is Uber whose local press spokesman had the brass balls to express disappointment that the mayor had “stooped to name calling.” Remember, this is the same company that said it was “at war” with “an asshole called taxi.” And the same company that threatened to “go after” critical reporters and their familes.

Oooh! Name calling!  

The unequivocal winner, of course, is the mayor of Calgary.  Who says politicians are incapable of telling the truth?