Apr 27, 2016 ยท 1 minute

In between its 10,000 daily posts cheerleading for Donald Trump, Business Insider still occasionally finds time to publish some of the journalism that made it famous. That is, slideshows of fancy tech offices.

This week it was the turn of LinkedIn’s new San Francisco skyscraper at 2nd and Howard. BI’s Matt Rosoff took his camera on a tour of the building, which he described as “unlike anything else we've seen.”

I agree. Judging from BI’s slideshow, LinkedIn’s building is markedly different from other tech company headquarters. In so far as it’s extrodinarily, aggressively dull...

Take, for example, this selling point…

Or this lovely cafeteria…

And contrast with Google…

And Facebook…

...and every tech campus you’ve ever seen.

There’s now way this $16bn company could have created such a dull space by accident. Rather, LinkedIn has clearly decided that its new home should stay firmly on brand: LinkedIn isn’t cool, or exciting or playful. It’s a place where real work is done.

As such, LinkedIn sends a clear message to its employees: Stop fucking around and get back to work.

You want a cool gym?

Here’s a treadmill overlooking a wall, now get the fuck back to work.

Game room?

Here’s cornhole. Get the fuck back to work.

No, the other kind of games…

Sure, here’s backgammon. Get the fuck back to work.

No! Video games!

Oh, sorry, we painted all the controllers on to the wall. Get the fuck back to work.


We’ve painted the kitchen a color that has been psychologically proven to make people angry. Get the fuck back to work.

Snacks, at least?

Our vending machines are full of cables and laptops. Get the fuck back to work.

At least I can go to the beach some day, though?

No, but you can look at a picture of one if you make it through this maze. Get the fuck back to work.

Public art?

Sure! How about this….

Focus on what matters.

Like work, and getting the fuck back to it.