May 9, 2016 ยท 0 minutes

Some breaking news from late last week. The class action plaintiffs in the Hollywood animator wage fixing suit (aka Techtopus II) have settled with Sony Pictures.

Sony is the second studio to settle the suit, following a settlement by Blue Sky Pictures back in April.

The latest settlement requires Sony to pay $13m to the plaintiffs -- workers who claim studios conspired to keep wages low by controlling hiring practices --  and also for Sony to hand over documents that strengthen the plaintiffs’ case against Disney and Dreamworks Animation.

Regular Pando readers will recall the suit stemmed directly from our coverage of Techtopus -- a scheme by tech giants including Google, Apple, Adobe to fix wages of engineers. In that coverage we revealed that various animation studios had also participated in the cartel.

According to court documents, animation workers realized by reading Pando that they too had been conspired against and filed a separate class action against the studios.

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