May 12, 2016 ยท 1 minute

Another day, another European country bans Uber Pop. This time it’s Sweden that has called time on the company’s ridesharing service.

According to Fortune:

“Our pilot has successfully tested ridesharing in Sweden, however clearer regulation is needed before it can be taken further,” Alok Alstrom, general manager for Uber in Sweden, said in a statement.

A March 23 decision by an appeals court in Stockholm upheld one of several rulings in lower courts that UberPOP drivers were breaking the law by driving without taxi permits.

Uber said it hoped it could relaunch the service soon. Its final UberPOP offerings in Stockholm and Gothenburg will run on May 18.

If you’re keeping track, that leaves Uber Pop banned in France, Germany, Spain and… well… pretty much everywhere else in Western Europe. As one source close to the company told me recently, "at this point, Uber's strongest European markets are London and Estonia."

In fact, I just discovered this slightly amazing Wikipedia page listing all the places where Uber has been banned or otherwise attacked by regulators. Take a look at the index…

And things aren’t going great in the US too. The ban comes hot on the heels of an embarrassing ballot defeat in Austin where voters, not lawmakers, decided to send a message to the company.

Still, at least they have Rupert and Arianna on their side.