May 20, 2016 · 1 minute

Earlier this week, I announced I was writing a new book on motherhood and entrepreneurship, and for those who can’t wait, I was launching a podcast series.

The idea is you can listen along as I interview amazing entrepreneurs about their journey through the heart of total, fucking chaos.

The response was overwhelming. The Patreon is one third of the way towards its goal of $1,000 per episode, at which point the show will become weekly. And more than 25 women agreed to be guests in little more than two days.

My first was Lynn Perkins, CEO of Urban Sitter who is not only an impressive mom and an impressive CEO but one whose work makes my own work-life balance possible.

We recorded it yesterday and you can listen here. In it, we talk about her decision to have kids just as her career was gaining momentum, how kids changed her, whether her business could have been started by someone who wasn’t a mom, and what consolidation will look like among all the platforms that bring people you have to trust into your homes.

I got at least two brilliant parenting tips I’m ripping off. (And feel free to steal “zoo jail” from me.)