May 24, 2016 · 1 minute

Darby Smart founder Nicole Farb is unlike a lot of women I’ll be interviewing on the Uterus Is A Feature Not A Bug podcast in only one way.

Most of them, I hounded to submit to an interview. Farb actually reached out to me when she read about the project.

It’s easy to see why the message resonated with her. Like me, she worked hard in her 20s and early 30s. And like me, she believed the image so many people in our society project of motherhood: That it was a disability somehow. That your career would be over.

Fast forward to today, she’s raising two kids and building a company. (Also like me.) And like so many women I’m speaking with for this series, the results were way different than she feared.

In this interview, we talk about the biases that Farb faced in three pretty dramatically different careers: Teaching, banking and building a startup. We also talk about the pros and cons of a cushy job with a guaranteed salary versus your own thing with more control over your schedule.

Men in the tech world may want to listen to this one: At one point we discuss the trend of well-meaning men who unintentionally say offensive things to female entrepreneurs.

One recurring question I’m asking entrepreneur moms in this series is the very super mom thing they do (ie, make their own organic baby food) and the super mom thing that they’d never do (ie, sew their own Halloween costumes). The super mom thing that Farb did, definitely makes her a more selfless mother than I am. ;)

Listen to the episode right here.

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