May 25, 2016 ยท 2 minutes

What with all the Donald Trump nonsense on this side of the Atlantic, it’s unlikely that many in Silicon Valley have been paying much attention to Britain’s possible departure from the EU.

A notable exception is Steve Hilton, founder of political data startup Crowdpac. In a “blistering’ editorial for Britain’s Daily Mail, Mr Hilton writes that ‘Membership of the EU makes Britain literally ungovernable, in the sense that no administration elected by the people can govern the country.’ He also describes the EU as ‘arrogant and unaccountable.’ Britain must exit, he declares.

As the Mail points out, Hilton’s attack is particularly “shattering” because Hilton remains a close advisor to British Prime Minister David Cameron. In fact Hilton has been credited with making Cameron’s Conservative party electable again after years in wilderness.  Cameron has staked his political life on Britain staying in Europe.

Here’s what the Mail -- and the other right wingers braying about Hilton’s “attack” on his former buddy Cameron aren’t saying.

First, like me, Steve Hilton and his wife Rachel Whetstone decided to abandon Britain and move to California. Like Sean Connery opining on Scottish independence, it’s a bit fucking rich for Hilton to lecturel Britain how it should be governed when he can’t even be bothered to live there.

Second, there is a gigantic, glaring, wailing conflict of interest that Hilton doesn’t seem to feel is worth mentioning. As I’ve written, I dunno, a billion times or so, Rachel Whetstone, Hilton’s wife, recently became head of public policy (and chief spin guru) at Uber. It is her explicit job to attack Uber’s critics and undermine any lawmakers who would halt her company’s global expansion.

Right now, the biggest threat to that expansion is the EU, one of the few continents where the ride-sharing service is almost completely banned. In France, Germany, Spain and elsewhere, lawmakers -- with full backing from the EU’S transportation regulators -- have ordered Uber Pop (and equivalents) to cease trading. In France, the company's offices were actually raided by law enforcement and senior executives arrested. As one source close to the company’s European operations told me: The only two European markets they are succeeding in are the UK and Estonia. There's a reason Travis Kalanick is currently in Europe,  courting local lawmakers and appealing directly to the European Commission to give him a break.

And now there’s a chance that the UK might leave the EU, and those pesky transport regulators. A move which is widely feared might bring the entire EU crumbling down.

Of course Hilton's in fucking favor of Britain exiting the EU.

From his new home in California, the “Brexit” won’t inconvenience Hilton one jot, but it sure as hell might make his wife’s job easier and more successful, with all the household income boost that implies.  

Arrogant and unaccountable, indeed.