Jun 9, 2016 ยท 1 minute

Last month: Arianna Huffington joins Uber’s board vowing to end “drowsy driving.”

This month: New driver bonuses all but guarantee it!

A New York source sends us the following:

It’s a promotion by Uber in New York to encourage drivers to make more trips, with the promise of a $750 bonus for 121 or more trips a week.

What the offer doesn’t break down in how many hours an average driver might have to spend to make that many trips in a single week.

It’s a New York offer, so let’s look at New York stats.  In this post by Uber, we get an idea of the average UberX fare in New York ($27.11) and the average gross wages per hour ($36.11). So it seems safe to assume that the average rides per hours are around 1.33.

That would mean to make 120 trips would require an astounding 93 hours of driving in a single week. If you drove every day, that’d be a grueling 13.3 hours a day. If you take a day off that’s 15.5 hours of driving a day. If you decided to take the weekend off, that’s 18.6 hours a day.

(There’s a similar promotion in San Francisco, although I can’t find any similarly published stats by Uber on the average trips per hour.)

Is this what Uber meant when it said drivers could easily offset the cut in wages through volume?

More importantly, is this what Arianna Huffington meant when she defended joining Uber’s board by claiming that the company shared her concern over drowsy driving.

As she explained to CNN: “Travis and I have also pledged to combat 'drowsy driving.' Uber has been instrumental in bringing drunk driving rates down, and we want to do the same for drowsy driving."

It’s hard to see how spending 18 hours a day behind the wheel just to make a living wage helps improve driver alertness.