Jul 1, 2016 · 1 minute

This past Tuesday I wrote about the lawsuit pending against Silent Circle, manufacture of the super-secret Blackphone.

The suit, filed by estranged partner Geeksphone, alleges that the company is on the verge of bankruptcy and is unable to meet its financial committments. I asked: Is Blackphone about to go dark?"

Now I have an answer, straight from the horse's mouth: No. 

Vic Hyder, Chief Strategy Officer of Silent Circle writes:

I saw your article, Is the super-secure Blackphone about to go dark? The short answer is "No". 
First, to quote Mark Twain, “the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” Despite what is in Geeksphone’s claims and suggested by a few, Silent Circle is not considering bankruptcy and we are pushing ahead according to plan. Our current response is as follows: 
"Because litigation is pending, Silent Circle is constrained in what it can share at this stage. That said, the company strongly refutes the claims Geeksphone made in its ex parte filing, which Silent Code didn’t receive a copy of until less than 24 hours before the hearing. Silent Circle will show that the claims against it are factually inaccurate and legally misguided and welcomes the opportunity to present its case to the court in the coming weeks."
That's what I can share at the moment. We're not fading away. And although your path of no smartphone is more secure than a Blackphone or using our Silent Phone service on iOS or Android devices, Privacy lives on with Silent Circle. 
I asked Hyder to clarify whether he's saying that  Silent Circle still has plenty of money in the bank and is able to meet its current financial obligations. He responded:
I have to defer to the statement given.  I'm sure you understand.