Jul 12, 2016 · 0 minutes

Two of my favorite interviews at Pandoland highlighted the very reason we did it in Chicago this past year: The intense scrappy passion of local entrepreneurs.

We’ve already posted a clip of Grubhub’s Matt Maloney on why he isn’t scared of Postmates, BlueApron, Munchery, Uber or Amazon, but in the full interview, below, he talks about the experience of going public and whether or not-- as his investor Bill Gurley argues-- it’s made him a better CEO.

Also, below, we have the full interview with TrunkClub’s Bryan Spaly. He talks about why he-- at least-- isn’t scared of investing in ecommerce or potentially starting another ecommerce company in the future. We also get his take on the falling out he and Andy Dunn had that lead to him leaving Bonobos. And how he went from saying he was going to punch Nordstrom “in the balls” to selling to them.

What I enjoy most is how much pride both of them have in their local ecosystem and how much they’ve done to try to support it.