Jul 20, 2016 ยท 2 minutes

“Gawker is a sinking ship and its founder is almost underwater.”

That’s how the New York Post summarized Nick Denton’s unsuccessful plea in to a Manhattan judge to reduce the $140m he and Gawker over to Hulk Hogan.

Judge Stuart Bernstein rejected the plea, prompting Denton to say that “obviously” he would now be forced into personal bankruptcy.

Gawker and Denton were hoping the courts would look more sympathetically on their position after it was revealed that Hogan’s lawsuit was secretly funded by uber-libertarian (and, for shame, Pando investor) Peter Thiel. The trouble is, of course, the crippling verdict wasn’t handed down by Thiel or his cronies but by an independent Florida jury. Thiel may be a grade A dick (and, let’s be clear) but it was that jury that bankrupted Denton and Gakwer, not Peter Thiel.

Meanwhile, while Denton digs behind his couch to find a few extra pennies to stave off ruin, his nemesis Thiel is preparing to run a glory lap by addressing the Republican Convention in Cleveland. As we’ve covered ad nauseum, Thiel is a financial supporter of Trump and a Trump delegate.

As Thiel stands on the RNC stage, he might look out over the crowd, pausing just a second longer on the Florida delegation, and consider himself amongst friends. Friends he wouldn’t piss on were they on fire, of course — such is the libertarian credo. But friends nonetheless.

After all, many of Trump’s supporters have a worldview that holds reality show stars and professional wrestlers high, high above journalists in the credibility stakes. And those same supporters cheer when Trump declares he intends to “tighten up” the laws to protect celebrities from the media. Moreover, they have absolutely no problem with Trump claiming that something — in this case his presidential campaign — is entirely self-funded when in fact it has millions of dollars of external contributions.

In other words, the stated beliefs of Trump supporters aren’t a million miles away from those of Peter Thiel and, apaprently, that Florida jury.

Many of us watching the RNC trainwreck are wondering what Thiel might possibly find to say to that section of America, who don’t just want the lyin’ failin’ media to be punished, but to be destroyed as if it were ISIS. Perhaps instead of a lengthy speech, Thiel will simply walk to the podium and utter two words: “We won.”