Jul 26, 2016 · 1 minute

Poor Cory Booker.

At one time he seemed like a viable contender for Hillary Clinton's VP, but yesterday at the DNC he was reduced to playing second? third? tenth? fiddle to superstar speakers like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and, of course, Michelle Obama.

Still, as former NSFWCORP readers will know, Booker will always be a superstar to us. In fact, back in 2013, we dedicated almost half of issue six of our print magazine to the guy in the form of Yasha Levine's "The Neocon, The Messiah, and Cory Booker"

The Times’ op-ed wizards described Booker as a “deeply unconventional politician,” known for “once rushing into a burning house before the fire department arrived— saving a woman and traumatizing his security detail,” and they predicted that he “will be able to use his political star status to fight for the neglected, the powerless, people who are working and people who need to work in New Jersey and nationally.”

Unconventional indeed. But there’s one unconventional side to Booker’s progressivism that has received much less recognition

With Booker back on center stage, what better time to revisit that piece. Below, dug from the archives, is a PDF of the piece as it appeared in print. Enjoy!