Aug 10, 2016 ยท 2 minutes

I recently found an old iPhone from my first year building Pando and becoming a mother. First off, I was jealous at the smaller, compact form factor of the iPhone of 2011. But the things on the phone were far more intimate, taking me back to a time that I thought I remembered, but was way more visceral looking through this old phone.

The photos saved on the device were a time capsule of the daily twists and turns of that crazy year of my life.

The desktop picture:

He’s now almost five and starting kindergarten.

And in case you don’t really believe I took a baby fundraising with me, take a look at these.

How I went to meetings in the fall and winter of 2011, when I was incorporating Pando, hiring and raising money:

Eli and I headed to New York to meet with potential investors:

And Eli gets a term sheet before Pando does:

This captures my chaotic day-to-day. Once Pando launched, I had a nanny, but I worked from home and had to pause frenetic writing to nurse throughout the day for, well, most of the first three years I ran this company.

This was me having it all, below. Note the coffee mug is about as large as my computer:

How’d I survive? I quickly gave up the idea of working weekends, napping when the kids napped. I still do this.

Here are the VIPs backstage at the very first PandoMonthly:

And drinks with the team in my kitchen after the first PandoMonthly:

This was how I had it all when my kids were that young and the first year of a company was all consuming: Total integration of the two and just trying my best everyday until the kids got older and my company got to profitability.

Also interesting were the apps on my phone back then. Some of the most used have rapidly become obsolete like baby logs and contraction managers. Ill-fated social apps like Path, Yammer, Dolphin, Mumbo, and Karma are on there too. (Karma is the only one I really miss.)

Perhaps the starkest reminder of how things change. See if you can spot the app on that phone that will never be on any phone of mine again:

(Nice retro logo.)

Notable also are the apps that have been a part of my regular mobile habit for five years: Maps, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, Sonos, Pandora, Facebook, my online bank, and HotelTonight. (That last one was a surprise to me. I don’t think I’ve booked that many rooms on HotelTonight, but clearly enough I keep re-downloading it.) That’s pretty good staying power for a lot of things that are supposed fads.

A friend gave me a journal my first days of launching Pando and urged me to write in it and take photos, because you get to the end of the journey and can barely remember details amid the lack of sleep, blur, and revisionist history. This was way better, and worth way more to find years later than the $200 I would have gotten selling it.