Sep 9, 2016 · 1 minute

Natali Morris and I have a lot of things in common as working moms.

For one, we are both journalists, who both had a stint at TechCrunch and both spent a lot of time on camera. We’ve both had legions of Internet trolls attack us viciously and personally. We both had our jobs “change!” unfairly when we were out on our first maternity leaves.

But we are tremendously different moms. She reads every book she can get her hands on at any stage of a child’s development, whereas I just trust my maternal gut. She goes to insane lengths to-- say-- teach her children the value of a dollar that include three trips to stores, and helping them wash a car to earn $2. I just…. Give my kids two dollars if they really want something. And while I found motherhood far more empowering than I could have imagined before labor; Morris has grappled with the elements of motherhood that she’s found “limiting.”

Still, she’s 38 weeks pregnant this week with her third child, and a burgeoning recreated brand that’s less about hawking “shit on a table” via tech gift guides on network TV, and more about helping families navigate their bills and finances.

Morris is one of those people whose careers have always loosely intersected with mine at different times but we haven’t sat and just talked about life, kids, and work for a long, long time. I could have easily gone another hour.

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