Sep 14, 2016 ยท 1 minute

First there was Techtopus: The massive class action suit against Apple, Google, Adobe and other tech giants who colluded to fix employee wages by agreeing not to poach from each other. 

Then there was Techtopus II: A second class action suit, filed by animation workers from Dreamworks, Sony Animation and others, whose wages had also be allegedly fixed via no-poach agreements. (The animation workers in Techtopus II found out about the conspiracy by reading Pando's coverage of Techtopus I.)

And now prepare for... Techtopus III? 

According to Reuters, Samsung is being sued by a former sales manager for allegedly agreeing not to poach workers from "rival" LG. 

The plaintiff, A. Frost, says in the lawsuit that a recruiter contacted Frost via LinkedIn in 2013, seeking to fill a position with Samsung.

According to the lawsuit, the recruiter then informed Frost the same day: "I made a mistake! I'm not supposed to poach LG for Samsung!!! Sorry! The two companies have an agreement that they won't steal each other's employees."

It is "implausible" that such a deal in the United States could have been reached without the consent of each company's corporate parent in South Korea, says the lawsuit, which does not state a specific damages amount.

The plaintiff's attorney in the latest case is Joseph Saveri, who filed the previous suit against Apple and Google.