Sep 30, 2016 ยท 1 minute

I just woke up to the Republican candidate for the United States presidency encouraging his supporters to find and watch a private sex tape featuring former Miss Universe (and Clinton supporter) Alicia Machado...

Yes, as if Trump weren't disgusting enough already, he has now apparently decided to take Gawker's place as the country's "sex tape as public interest" champion. 

And there, of course, lies the gigantic irony. Trump's biggest backer in Silicon Valley is Peter Thiel (disclosure: a Pando investor, and an asshole). That's the same Peter Thiel who waged a decade long vendetta against Gawker, a site he specifically criticized for raking up his sex life and that of Hulk Hogan and others. 

As Thiel wrote in a Times op-ed:

Protecting individual dignity online is a long-term project, and it will require many delicate judgments. We can begin on solid ground by acknowledging that it is wrong to expose people’s most intimate moments for no good reason. That is the kind of clear moral line that Gawker and publishers like it have sought to blur. But they can’t do it if we don’t let them.


Presumably we can now look forward to famed non-hypocrite Peter Thiel immediately withdrawing his endorsement, and then ordering his attorney to sue Donald Trump out of existence.