Oct 20, 2016 ยท 1 minute

Last night was the third and final presidential debate.

The last night when the first female presidential nominee from a major party was forced to debase herself by standing on stage with a man who has smeared and abused her, as he's smeared and abused countless other women. And the last night when Americans have to pretend to respect the opinions of the vanishingly small number of voters who, despite a now clear choice between a highly qualified candidate and a fascist sex offender, still claim to be "undecided."

A few hours before the debate began, I checked in with my old friend, Las Vegas capital defense attorney Dayvid Figler. As regular readers will know, Dayvid is a long-time Pando and NSFWCORP contributor having penned some of my favorite pieces for both of those publications. New readers should immediately check out Brother Bear Art Thou, Viva Disruption!, and Gagging Weinstein as great starting points. 

Dayvid and I discussed the mood on the ground in Las Vegas, the mystery that is "TRUMP Hotel, Las Vegas," and the very real risk of voter intimidation by Trump voters on election day. For more on that latter subject, you can read Dayvid's poll observer diary from the 2012 election here and here. For more on everything else, our full conversation is embedded below. 

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