Nov 4, 2016 · 1 minute

A quick update to our post last month about Pando Patrons, our $500-a-year super-subscription program for those who want to go beyond a regular membership and ensure that Pando stays independent now, and forever.

As we wrote, the first of the Patrons were up for renewal and we were really, really hoping that a good number of Patrons renewed for 2016/7. It’s no exaggeration that there have been months in the past year when we’ve only managed to stay profitable thanks to Pando Patrons. That’s a huge deal for a media startup that upsets as many powerful companies and players as we do.

The great news is that a very large percentage of Patrons have already renewed. We’re well on track to sell out the Patron page, allowing us to continue speaking truth to the new power for another 12 months (and beyond!).

BUT we do have five four three slots that haven’t been renewed. They’re available right now if you’d like to become a brand new patron. You’ll get a 12 month membership (of course), plus one for a friend or colleague, plus your name, logo (or face or whatever you like), and bio on our patron page. Plus, of course, you’ll win our unending gratitude.

You can see the available slots here, and grab one for yourself here (or by clicking on any of the squares on the Patron Page.)

We also have two open Super Patron slots (the ones right at the top). They’re $5k for the full year, including a month’s banner/ad space in the daily newsletter. Email for more info on those.

Meantime, a huge thank you to our new and renewing Patrons. We owe our continuing survival to you!