Nov 8, 2016 ยท 1 minute

Given nobody cares about anything except the election, we're doing something different on Pando today.

As you probably remember, Pando acquired Paul Carr's NSFWCORP back in 2013.

Every so often Team NSFWCORP gets back together to relive the good old days.  For this election, they've been producing a twice-monthly podcast, supported by backers on Patreon.

The show reaches its grand finale today with two live episodes, plus special written dispatches and other fun stuff. The first episode ended at 11am pacific, hosted by Paul and special guest co-host Sarah Lacy. The second ended at 5:15pm pacific. 

You can listen to both episode below (minus a few seconds at the start of edpisode one that didn't get recorded). Then keep an eye on Paul's Twitter for the timing of the third show, later tonight after all the polls closed.

If you were a NSFWCORP reader, you know the drill. In edition to the election talk -- starting off with Mark Ames and James Aylett in episode one and Dayvid Figler and Chris Goscinski in episode two --  there will be call-ins, terrible music, and all the stuff you probably remember from NSFWLIVE. What better way to await the end of the world?

ALSO: For election talk throughout the day, you can join the public Slack channel here.