Nov 18, 2016 · 1 minute

I’ve been trying to grab an hour on Anne Fulenwider’s calendar since I started my “Uterus is a feature not a bug” podcast.

Fulenwider has had a long career as a journalist from the Paris Review to Vanity Fair to Brides and now as Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire. Her career sort of reminds me of how Jonah Peretti describes the Buzzfeed appeal: The same guy can be enjoying a Proust at a cafe, and then pause to pet an adorable dog.

Fulenwider’s journalism chops have shown since she was appointed in 2012: She’s upped the career coverage, the political coverage and even the business coverage in the magazine. I’ve noted that some of their coverage on Uber has asked harder questions than a lot of the tech press.

Well, amid this ascendant career, Fulenwider became a mother. And she says that her first maternity leave was the moment when she got the entire feminist movement. Despite the challenges, she’s a firm believer that being a mother made her a better employee and employer and being a working mom made her a better mother.

We also talk about how Marie Claire is covering this election, which for many young women in America was a devastating blow.

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