Dec 2, 2016 · 1 minute

What is the greatest gift of all? A baby’s laugh? A sunset? The feeling of fresh snow crunching under foot?

Maybe. But let us ask you this: Can a baby’s laugh give you a whole year of news and analysis about Silicon Valley and the tech industry? Does a sunset promise unlimited access to hours of Pando Monthly interviews with some of the biggest names in the Valley? Does fresh snow include Pando’s daily members-only newsletter and access to livestreams of all of our real-world events? And do any of those things help support fearless, independent reporting on Silicon Valley money and power at a time when it’s most needed?

They do not.

And that’s why truly the greatest gift of all this Holiday Season is a one year Pando Gift Membership, for a colleague, a friend, or just for yourself.

Gift subscriptions come with all the benefits of regular membership, and you can post-date them to start any day you like making them ideal gifts for the holidays, or for birthdays, or new year, or Festivus.

You can buy Pando gift memberships, individually or in bundles of up to five, right here.

Thank you to all of our members. It’s entirely because of you, and Pando Patrons, that we’ve survived another year and even become profitable. 2017 is certain to be a crazy year and, thanks to you, we’ll be right there on the front lines.

Happy holidays!