Feb 3, 2017 ยท 1 minute

Long time Pando readers will likely remember Techtopus, Mark Ames’ reporting on the gigantic wage-theft scandal involving Google, Apple, Adobe and other tech giants.

The resulting class action suit ended with a $415m settlement paid by some of Silicon Valley's most legendary firms to the tech workers they ripped off.

Slightly lesser time Pando readers will remember what happened next: A group of animation workers for Disney, Sony, Pixar and others read Mark’s reporting on Techtopus and realized that they too had been victims of the exact safe wage-fixing cartel.

Citing Pando’s reporting, they filed their own class action in 2014. As the plaintiff’s lawyers explained to the court:

[W]e were approached by someone when the information came out, when various documents were under seal in the high-tech case in 2013, and then there ended up being some publicity about a year later in a technology online magazine called ‘PandoDaily’ that describes some of that evidence and that in turn alerted people in the industry, many members of our proposed class, that there might be a problem here that was different from the one that was sued on in the high-tech case.

Three years later, we now have a result in the case we called Techtopus II. Variety reports that the animation workers have agreed a $100m settlement with Disney, Pixar and Lucasfilm. This follows an earlier $50m settlement with Dreamworks, $13m with Sony and  $5.9m with Blue Sky.  A total of almost $170m.

Per Variety: “The legal filing says that each of the plaintiffs plan to seek service awards that would amount to $100,000 for the entire litigation”

All's well that ends well.