Feb 17, 2017 · 1 minute

Everything Amy Errett does is steeped, soaked and infused with love.

It’s the underpinning of the culture of her company Madison Reed. It’s the undercurrent of her non-work passions like Glide and GLAAD. Her definition of good parenting is convincing her daughter to love herself and be her best self.

If you don’t know Errett, you are possibly picturing someone very unlike her right now. You may be picturing someone sweet and demure. But Errett is intense AF. She is the living embodiment of everything I love about the mama bear ideal: She loves you, but don’t confuse that with being a push-over, being meek, or being “nice.”

For Errett, “Love” can mean being in your face, as long as you do it with good intentions.

We talk about so many important topics on this podcast: From why women feel the need to attend business school while men feel they can pooh-pooh it to how her daughter made her “more human.” We talk about the challenges that even Errett-- a woman running a company that is aimed at women-- has had in trying to hire female engineers. We talk about why there are so few openly gay entrepreneurs and tech leaders in a place that is supposed to be as tolerant as San Francisco. We talk about her daughter didn’t just inspire her to start this company-- her daughter explicitly pushed her to do it. And we talk about how when you name your company after your daughter you make damn sure your company stands for things you believe in.

I’ve wanted to have Errett on this show for a long time, and she did not disappoint. To me, she’s one of the most inspiring mama leaders in Silicon Valley.

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