Mar 3, 2017 ยท 1 minute

Pando investor Peter Thiel really is the gift that keeps on taking.

As if it weren’t enough for Thiel to help put Trump in the White House, and to serve on Trump’s transition team, now Thiel’s intelligence contractor company is reportedly helping the administration in its efforts to deport millions of immigrants.

Sorry, let me rephrase that lede. German immigrant Pando investor Peter Thiel really is the gift that keeps on taking.

Per the Intercept:

IMMIGRATION AND CUSTOMS ENFORCEMENT is deploying a new intelligence system called Investigative Case Management (ICM), created by Palantir Technologies, that will assist in President Donald Trump’s efforts to deport millions of immigrants from the United States…

ICM allows ICE agents to access a vast “ecosystem” of data to facilitate immigration officials in both discovering targets and then creating and administering cases against them.

Much like most reporting involving Peter Thiel, the story is shocking but not surprising. As Buzzfeed reported back in November, before joining (and then leaving) the Trump administration, General Michael Flynn worked as an unpaid lobbyist for Palantir. Even before Thiel threw his lot in with Trump, Palantir has been the supplier of choice for law enforcement and intelligence agencies looking to use data to track suspects and… well… just about anyone else.

What is slightly surprising is that, as recently as January, Thiel told the New York Times that Palantir would not allow its technology to be used to track Muslim Americans for Trump’s threatened religious ban.

Let this serve as yet another reminder that, when dealing with the Trump administration, it pays to be very, very specific in your questions.

So you won’t help with the Muslim ban specifically. How about the plan to deport millions of people, including Muslims, generally?

Oh, sure, we’d totally do that.