May 2, 2017 · 0 minutes

The Silicon Valley PR firm SutherlandGold still bears Scott Sutherland’s name… first.

But that should tell you absolutely nothing about the dynamic of the two founders, Sutherland and his wife Lesley Gold. 

When they decided to build a firm together, she caved on which name would come first, because the two had already agreed their kids would have her last name. And years later, when they decided that one of the two should be home with the kids more of the time, it was Sutherland that bowed out, while Gold continued to run the firm.

The response in the Valley? Everyone panicked. Surely Scott Sutherland was either dying or the two were getting a divorce.

We talk about these decisions-- and why exactly they are so unusual here-- in our latest installment of our podcast “A Uterus Is a Feature not a Bug.” We also talk about how Gold has gained respect in a field a lot of people (including journalists like me) shit on, her early days in politics, and her side-job as a stage mom to her two superstar kids.