Jun 6, 2017 · 0 minutes

Jan D’Alessandro has had an enviable career in tech.

She was part of the earliest days of the consumer Internet as an executive for AOL, helped build out the AOL Time Warner Foundation, and has had a string of jobs and consulting gigs in the digital music space, including Topspin Media, which was sold to Beats Music. 

More impressive: She’s managed to do all that while being there for her kids when they needed it most. She even took a few years off after her divorce to just focus on them. Statistically, that’s supposed to kill your career. In this episode of A Uterus In A Feature, Not a Bug, we hear how D’Alessandro made sure it didn’t. 

This is especially the podcast for you if you have (or are dreading) those teenaged years. Unlike moms of young kids, D’Alessandro has been at this a while.