Jul 26, 2017 · 3 minutes

In the past six years, between PandoMonthly, Pandoland and other special events, we’ve hosted hundreds of hours of on stage interviews.

They’re one of my very favorite parts of Pando - both for the content of the interviews and also the amazing backstage moments like time at Pandoland when Paul walked in on Margaret Atwood, Jimmy Chamberlin and Jason Hirschhorn having an animated discussion on Hitler and the causes of WWII.   

Nothing made me more proud than when Daniel Ek came off stage at his 2+ hour PandoMonthly, turned to me and said, “What you’re doing [with PandoMonthly] is amazing. You’re building an oral history of the Internet.”

Two hours, by the way, was short by PandoMonthly standards. Indeed, regular attendees and viewers know that those interviews were almost aggressively long. Sometimes we kept the world’s most famous VCs and entrepreneurs in the hot seat for more than three hours.

The result, though, is an absolute treasure trove of captured-in-the-moment raw honesty about how the tech industry got to where it is now. A story told by the likes of Marc Andreessen*, Al Gore, Reid Hoffman*, Sophia Amoruso, Stewart Butterfield, Elon Musk, Brian Chesky, Sheila Marcelo, John Zimmer, Peter Thiel*, Margaret Atwood, Bill Gurley, Jerry Yang, Christy Turlington, Kevin Systrom… and dozens and dozens more.

For the longest time, we’ve been trying to figure out a way to make all this incredible material more accessible, for anyone who doesn’t have time to sit through a near-endless playlist of marathon interviews.

After much deliberation - and a whole lot of sifting and re-watching and editing - we came up with the idea of an audio podcast series that curates the very best wisdom from six years of interviews into six 45 minute episodes, each focussed on a particular theme.

I’d delighted to announce that the first episode of the series goes live today, on a topic that angers, humbles and bedevils the best entrepreneurs: Luck. This month we’re featuring stories and advice from Elon Musk, Reid Hoffman, Marc Andreessen, Kevin Systrom, Brian Chesky, Stewart Butterfield, and Ann Miura-Ko.

You can listen to it right here.  

We’ve called the podcast series “Beyond The Series B” because, while almost anyone can start a company, it requires much more work (and great advice!) to stay in it for the long haul. Around the series B is when the rubber really meets the road. You can no longer raise on promise, you have to have a business at that point. You are beyond the possibility of a face-saving acqui-hire, you gotta get a real exit at this point. This is where the glamour of entrepreneurship wears off, and we see who really is driven by mission and who just liked having “founder” on a business card.

I’m particularly thrilled we’ve been able to put this series together now. There is so much that’s depressing about Silicon Valley’s toxic, overvalued bro-culture, it’s nice to remember there was a reason this industry once inspired people like me.

Obviously this project involved a decent amount of production costs at a time when we’re focussing all of our subscription revenue on reporting. For that reason, I’m very grateful that a longtime sponsor of our live events, TriNet, agreed to sponsor the series. Huge thanks to them.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed digging through this archive to produce it for you.


* Thiel, Hoffman and Andreessen are Pando investors.