Oct 25, 2017 ยท 1 minute

In the latest installment of our "A Uterus Is a Feature not a Bug Podcast", we've got an absolute survivor: Jen Bekman.

Her company 20x200 has just turned ten, and not without struggle. She was a veteran of the early Web era, and 20x200 was born out of the early Web 2.0 era.

The mission was simple: Art for everyone. Use the Internet to scale what she'd started in her New York Gallery between Internet eras: Discover new artists, and help people discover what they love without all the mystification of it. Become collectors without feeling like rubes or phonies or someone likely to get ripped off.  

Ten years later she's been bootstrapped, venture backed, and then bootstrapped again. 

And she's sold a quarter of a million pieces of art along the way. (I think I have about a dozen pieces I've bought over the years myself, some at just $20, and some at a few hundred dollars.) 

 She's also been the only woman in the room more times than she can count and been "invisible." "Not even disparaged, it's just like we don't exist," she says. Was that so-called friendlier time for woman compared to the bro era of toxic masculinity really that much better? We discuss all this and more in the podcast, below...

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