Nov 17, 2017 ยท 3 minutes

Sorry, Pando readers, for my radio silence for the past few days.

What a week. I’ve been in New York promoting the launch (finally!) of my new book A Uterus Is a Feature, Not a Bug: The Working Woman’s Guide to Overthrowing the Patriarchy (Harper).

It's funny now to think that I almost returned my advance payment when I had to send my editors the first chapter some 18 months ago because this book just felt too personal to share with the world. But of course, over that time, the world got so much worse and I’m so glad I stayed the course.

I owe Pando readers in particular a huge thank you, for being a crucial part of my last six years' journey as an entrepreneur and a working mother. Not only did you keep our lights on, via subscriptions, but your endless support in what was at times a very hostile macro-work environment... well, I'll never forget it. If you want even more on the behind the scenes journey of Pando, it's in this book, along with a ton of data about why mothers are viewed the way they are in our culture, how invaluable they actually are in our economy, and why America is very much not the feminist envy of the world. I hope you buy a copy for you, for any badass young women you know who are mothers or are terrified of becoming mothers one day. 

I’m bracing for the revenge of the alt-right trolls but so far, so good. The reviews on Amazon and Good Reads have been amazing (except the lone one-star troll who even admits he hasn’t read it…) This amazing New York Post review blared “Finally a Working Mom Book with Attitude,” and before publication 800CEORead already chose it a finalist for best business book of the year.

Talking about motherhood with Mary Elizabeth Williams of Salon was amazing, and talking about the utter inside baseball of my story with Peter Kafka of Recode was so much fun that it didn’t even feel like promotion. Anyone who's been following the trials and tribulations of Pando these past six years will definitely not want to miss the latter.

I even got practice debating an alt-right troll when I went on The Opposition on Comedy Central. It was a surreal experience: How did a boring business reporter wind up in a fancy Comedy Central green room? (The crew and host Jordan Klepper could not have been nicer.)

And this morning, I went on one of my favorite shows KQED's Forum to talk about the bind working mothers get put in by an unfair world. I'm so grateful to everyone who called in and shared their experiences. 

Of course, more validating than any of this has been the individual emails and texts from women telling me how much the book has meant to them…even very high-profile super-star women who hadn’t yet felt permission to claim motherhood as an advantage, not something to excuse away.

Even though I’m not married, don’t have a nanny anymore or any childcare, or extended family near by, I’m so grateful for the community of badass women and supporters that I’ve cobbled around me over the last year. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to put this book into the world without all of you.

That’s been one of my top pieces of advice to everyone asking how you topple the patriarchy: Just be with, there for, and surrounded by other badass women as much as humanly possible.

There is so much strength and solidarity simply through presence.

Ok, now back to work!