Jan 2, 2018 · 1 minute

Anne Halsall is the kind of badass mom who made her own nursing app when she couldn’t find one she liked. Like, coded it. In her “spare” new mom time.

 Like a lot of new moms, having a baby was more of a career accelerator than a career killer for Halsall. She and her co-worker, Sara Mauskopf, decided their time away from babies had to matter. They were worked at Postmates, and getting people a burrito faster just didn’t seem as meaningful anymore. So they left to co-found Winnie.com, a directory for parents.

We already had Mauskopf on our “Uterus is a feature, not a bug” podcast, and she talked about how Halsall supported her through an unexpected family crisis in Winnie’s early days. Now, it’s Halsall’s turn to share her story. We spoke about growing up smart… and a girl. How the smart boys who liked comic books could attain a sense of cool, but not so with the girls. We talk about the balance of motherhood and entrepreneurship-- when your co-founder is also a new mom. And we talk about finding love on CalTrain.

If your family is bugging you this Holiday Season, pop on some headphones and listen to this because Halsall is like your no-nonsense best friend you escape your family to hang out with.

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