Apr 3, 2018 ยท 1 minute

Entrepreneur Andrea Berry has launched a new startup. Called Fluidity.Love it’s a content site with articles, advice, and data on how to celebrate  and be supportive of gender fluidity at home and in the workplace. 

The  site is packed with answers to the questions that you may feel afraid  to ask. And it contains some jaw dropping stats on how gender fluid  employees are  treated at work. For instance, in a study by the US Commission on Civil  Rights, 21047% of LGBT adults face employment discrimination because of  being gay or transgender; 90% of transgender employees report  experiencing some form of harassment or mistreatment  on the job; as many as 28% received negative performance evaluations or  were passed over for promotion because they were gay or transgender and  as many as 41% experienced verbal and/or physical abuse at work.

But  the content itself isn’t the only thing interesting about the site. As with so many startups, the founder's story is just as fascinating. I first got to know Andrea as Paul Berry, part of the founding technical team of Huffington Post and founder of Rebel Mouse. As you can imagine, this is a far-reaching episode, touching on gender, business, marriage and, of course, motherhood.

We asked Berry to be the guest on the 40th episode of “A Uterus Is a  Feature not a Bug”, because that title has always been more figurative  than literal, and all mothers can learn something about the love and support of family in her story.