Dan Raile
Dan Raile

Who is Meera Kaul?

A look into founder of the controversial Women in STEM conference brings up more questions than answers.

Waymo vs Uber: Was it worth all that attention?

As the douche settles, let’s take a moment to ask: What was that all about?

Travis Shrugs: Pando goes to the Uber/Waymo trial, pt 3

With the benefit of court-ordered document disclosure, the public has been given an intimate view of the cult of toxic masculinity.

How laser is the sauce? Pando goes to the Uber/Waymo trial, pt 2

Just before noon on Tuesday, former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick stood before the tall wooden double doors of a federal courtroom in San Francisco...

Pando goes to... the Uber/Waymo trial

After a year of anticipation, the opening day's arguments landed with a whimper.

Pando goes to... "The Startup Mingle Party and 'Summer Seduction' Lingerie Fashion Show"

How did a guy who makes folding shoes come to represent “everything that's wrong with Silicon Valley’s culture of sexism.”

"Nobody is hiding at Uber": Dispatches from the Waymo vs Uber courtroom

Google vs Uber. It's Silicon Valley's Rumble in Jungle, and Dan Raile will be there for every jab .

Gawker is Dead! Long Live Ramparts! Pando goes to Warren Hinckle's wake

Warren Hickle III. Writer, editor, reckless empresario. Rascal, scoundrel, drunk. Perverse force of unrestrained journalism.

The tiny battery startup taking on Tesla on its home turf

Pando goes to Reno to meet Dragonfly Energy.

Pando goes to Airbnb's "Open Air" conference (fire marshal be damned)

Airbnb's speakers address concerns about diversity and discrimination, but gloss over the company's new legal challenge.

San Francisco lawmakers vote 10-0 to force Airbnb hosts to register with the city

New law could see up to 75% of SF Airbnbs removed from the site in July.

Fortune offers a rare "inside look" at how 100%, totally wonderful Bechtel is

If we’re going to get all concerned about how billionaires control the press these days, let’s not forget how they always have.

SubletSpy uses surveillance tech to declare war on Airbnb renters

A plucky startup has entered into the breach to halt Airbnb’s advance, with an assist from the Israeli armed forces.

"The Department of Energy is the largest military and weapons racket in the U.S. Government."

A terrifying conversation with Sally Denton, author of “The Profiteers.”

Behold, the fearsome line graph of Donald Trump’s television mentions over the past seven days

Dwarfing all the other candidates, but still lacking the staying power of Jesus, or pizza.

Packrat targets journalists, at home and abroad

Elaborate malware operation reported to be targeting reporters, prosecutors and officials across South America.

A camera on every cop: What could possibly go wrong?

The devil is in the details, and this particular devil is lifted right out of Philip Dick, at its worst.

Pando goes to the San Francisco police bodycams hearing

“It goes against everything else you tell me. It tells me you don’t trust me. If you don’t trust me, I’ll go.”

Persistent Surveillance founder: “We have more fun than we should be allowed"

“Most of our operations have been in friendly countries... like Russia, but way before Crimea and things went downhill. But we wouldn’t do business with like a North Korea.”

EFF files FTC complaint against Google for spying on schoolchildren

“Google promised not to use student data without authorization from students or parents, and they have gone back on that...”

Is Donald Trump really an American fascist?

Let's ask Vice President Henry Wallace in 1944!

How times have changed. Pando goes to a calmer, gentler Google Bus meeting

Gone were the pickets and placards of yesteryear, the cheering and booing, the finger-wiggling, the buttons and stickers.

Here's a photo of yesterday's SF hospital gunman moments before he was shot dead by police

There’s no tech angle to this story, but news is news -- especially when it happens on our own doorstep.

“Are you not shocked...? I hope you’re shocked”: Pando goes to the “Shrimp Boy” trial

An FBI investigation that netted the state senator from San Francisco and cast its eye across the city’s political elite finally came before a jury on Monday.

All Politics is Local: Airbnb reveals plan to become the Uber of Astroturfing

Airbnb assembled a media pool yesterday morning to revel in its electoral success and double down on its devotion to fighting regulators across the globe. But the legal problems persist.

Disruption by any means: Airbnb political ad broadcasts outnumber the competition 100 to 1

Airbnb has to date spent 25 times as much as the Yes on F campaign, $6.5 million versus $256,000.

Bash of the Titans

Dreamforce and Openworld are well-matched contenders for the crown of biggest, most ostentatious tech event in San Francisco. We take a look at the blow-by-blow.

Was not Woz

The world has changed quite a bit since Steve Wozniak left Apple, and it seems Woz has changed with it, to the extent that he is now an entirely different human being.

Pando goes to Oracle OpenWorld

Day One: Like the Egyptian revolution and the death of baby Hitler at the hands of time-travellers, this is in part a Twitter story.

In SF, Airbnb puts foot in mouth, shoots it

Does Airbnb's botched ad compaign reveal a company that lost touch with its public image? Tune in to the election on November 3rd to find out.

The Medium is the Movement: Abe Husein is a Labor Leader for Our Times

Powered by paid Facebook marketing, the new face of the labor movement burst onto the national scene this past weekend.

“Ed Snowden loves it, but how loud should we say that? For some people that makes them furious.”

Last night in San Francisco, Tor's Roger Dingledine gave an update and overview of the organizations operations and plans. Not on the horizon: talking about ties to the Department of Defense.

Airbnb’s political machine in San Francisco is lead by an opposition researcher that even Karl Rove admired

Airbnb's publicity campaign to defeat a San Francisco ballot measure has all the trappings of the dirtiest presidential campaigns, and that's no mistake.

Nucleus wants to be the patchwork Hal for your home

A Rabbi and a Canadian walk into the smart home...

Rejoice! The all-new Medium brings you "closer to Bono" than ever before!

Rock star tagging aside, the company's new features suggest it has picked a side between platform and publishing. Just don't call it the new Wordpress.

Code for America: We coded our way into this, now help us code our way out

Code For America helps governments learn from San Francisco, where black households have a median income of $29.5k vs $104.3k for white households.

Breaking: Chesky plays it safe!

An onstage chat between Brian Chesky and Tim O’Reilly was dedicated entirely to delivering Airbnb’s best PR talking points.

Thumbtack is a Frankenstein's unicorn

Plumbers and hair-stylists and wedding planners and roofers, oh my!

The natives are getting shoppable

Ad blockers are giving media owners nightmares, and the rest of us shoppable native ads.

No disruptions: California's landmark new cannabis legislation aims at a smooth transition

For the first time, California is set to have a legal, regulated commerce in cannabis.

Pando goes to Dreamforce: Willy Loman was born too soon

Dreamforce is not a tech conference. It is a sales conference. And it made the sale.

The drone stays in the picture

Forget sci-fi. How a New York director abandoned traditional filmmaking to become the master of drone cinematography.

Anti-Airbnb protesters wheel out the big guns: Risqué wordplay!

The scrappy underdogs behind Proposition F have an ace up their sleeves: a sense of humor!

BlueLight 911 service wins government Multi-City Innovation Campaign

Pandoland finalists will roll out four-city pilot starting next year.

Dream of a salesman: Pando goes to Dreamforce

Welcome to San Francisco, dreamers!

Amberjack aims to become the Uber of... fishing

Software continues to eat the world, and now it has developed a taste for seafood.

One app to rule them all

The former CEO of Elance is launching “probably the world’s first bot store.”

Is Burning Man the new Bohemian Grove?

Tech leaders are the new Masters of the Universe, and they choose Burning Man over Bohemia.

Sec. of Defense to Silicon Valley: “There is no limit to what we can achieve together"

The Department of Defense wants to “rebuild the bridges between the Pentagon and Silicon Valley.”

Pando goes to the Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow trial (Prologue)

On the 17th floor of the Philip Burton Federal Building in San Francisco’s Civic Center yesterday, suggestions of local political corruption were raised in open court.

Breaking: The Department of Defense, Silicon Valley, and you

Robot army? Brain implants? UberMILITARY?

Former Googler attempts to live a more idle life

“To me idleness is not the same as laziness. Laziness is not living your life, not paying attention..."

Hi, Robot

NYT science writer’s new book dares to dream of mutually programming harmony.

Pando goes to, and is escorted out of, Y Combinator demo day

It's Crunch time for another batch of hopeful Tech startups!


Hardware is hard, especially when your highly-recommended business partner steals your money.

San Francisco poster inadvertently reminds you who’s boss

In case you’d forgotten who runs the world, this ad from San Francisco’s Glen Park neighborhood is happy to remind you...

Welcome to Mark Zuckerberg's neighborhood

Neighbors explain the perks and perils of sharing a block with the founder of Facebook.

Shedding light on the future of pot farming

Illumitex brings LED lighting the indoor cannabis growing scene.

MIT planetary scientist brings tech utopians down to earth

One woman’s reality check is another man’s buzzkill.

“I’m here to answer basic Lubrication questions. How can I help you today?”

Royal Dutch Shell launches artificial intelligence “lube specialist.” Why are you laughing?

WikiStrat wants to be your crowd-sourced war nerd

“We were able to predict ISIS’ next targets in the Middle East, in a project conducted for a specific client interested in ISIS activity in a specific country."

SideCar will now deliver your food, weed and just about anything else

Ridesharing also-ran has quietly pivoted into the “largest B2B on-demand delivery company in the U.S.”

Instacart workers in San Francisco claim they're being "screwed" by new employee policy

"It makes business sense, and I think they are worried about the Department of Labor coming down hard. But the way they did it, they are just screwing with a lot of people’s lives.”

Tech could learn a lot from cannabis entrepreneurs

“If you’re not at the table, you’re on it.”

Glowing rabbits and perma-kittens

Microsoft veteran turned sci-fi writer argues that genetic modification can only make the world a better place.

Tech and Science leaders confront strong AI with bold PR

Elon Musk fired a shot across the bow of technological advance, but nearly hit himself.

Periscope founder: “Portrait is the future"

...and other philosophical insights from the bleeding edge of news and streaming video.

SF Mayor: New Airbnb ballot will "pit neighbor against neighbor"

Ed Lee is now lobbying the public on behalf of Aibnb.

Trust, by the numbers

Karma hopes to combine all of your sharing economy reputations into one giant karmic credit score.

Space is suddenly famous again in America

In the midst of all this fanfare, Planetary Resources slipped into the solar system.

“They just roll shit out”: Instacart workers react to the company’s switch from contractors to employees

I headed to the supermarket to find out what the home delivery startup's employees really think.

The Department of Defense: You know, for kids

Why has DARPA suddenly taken a peculiar interest in America’s children?

In San Francisco, Airbnb faces new regulations and a ballot measure aiming to curb house-sharing

As Scott Wiener takes a victory lap in the press, don’t forget that his staunch democratic principles may not be real principles, either.

Smule: Melting Mac Minis to return music to the masses

“The past 100 years of recorded music will be seen as parenthetical in music history.”

At the Grateful Dead concert, a pop-up libertarian paradise

John Perry Barlow's libertarian vision for cyberspace bears little relation to the contemporary Internet. It does, however, bear a startling resemblance to the parking lot at a Grateful Dead concert.

If you build it, it doesn't matter: Author Kentaro Toyama throws cold water on tech utopias

The author of Geek Heresy crashed the EFF with a simple thesis: Technology doesn't drive social change.

I ain't no Holacrat, girl

A chance meeting with a group of Austrian consultants helps me to understand the global juggernaut that is Holacracy.

Pando goes to Tyler Oakley’s Slumber Party

What exactly does a Youtuber do on stage for an hour and half to entertain 2,000 people?

Airbnb on the ballot

San Francisco residents will soon get to vote on the future of home sharing in the city. And Airbnb isn't happy.

Ron Conway and friends help expose vile government conspiracy to mock George Lucas

Conway, Jobs, Lucas and others reveal second worst example of secret Bay Area collusion ever.

Jefferson Harebrained: Tim Draper is still determined to fix California by breaking it

On Sunday his online Fix California Challenge wrapped up, and it too managed to underwhelm even the lowest of expectations.

Mobile showers for the homeless: Google's lesson in Crapulent Social Responsibility

If corporate spend is recognized as speech, then CSR is too often the domain of lip-service and the rhetoric of misdirection.

A Union of Disruptors? Meet the Uber driver trying to hack organized labor

Arize Nwosu is helping drivers organize against their bosses. Is this the future of unions?

Caught up in a riot? Uber can charge you up to $250 for damage to their cars

Ridesharing giant charges passenger $250 for a door scratched by a cyclist.

How I learned to stop worrying and love DARPA

The greatest trick that Google ever pulled was to convince the world it wasn’t at the DARPA Robotics Challenge.

Un-Disrupt Me: Brian Chesky begs to be regulated

If you're anything like me, you can think of no more pleasant way to spend a Sunday than by attending the 83rd United States Conference of Mayors.