David Forbes
David Forbes
David Forbes is the editor of the Asheville Blade and author of the Old Iron Dream. They live in Asheville, N.C. and their work has appeared on NSFWCorp, Vice Motherboard, Coilhouse, the Sunlight Foundation and more.


"It’s not going to happen to my kid.": The Zero Tolerance Generation, Pt V

If zero tolerance were a person, it would be old enough to vote.

“I had a client who was tasered in the chest so much his lung collapsed”: The Zero Tolerance Generation, Pt IV

Policies that were intended to deal with guns and crack ended up scooping up students guilty of having a kitchen knife or alka-seltzer.

The Columbine reaction: The Zero Tolerance Generation, Pt III

After April 20, 1999, “zero tolerance” was suddenly on everyone’s lips.

"My finger gun got me suspended": The Zero Tolerance Generation, Pt II

Antonious Brown was an average student, with no record of discipline problems or any criminal run-ins with the law, but then a school principal took his horror story as a threat...

The Zero Tolerance Generation

Tracing the demonization, and criminalization, of school kids from Ahmed Mohamed back to Columbine and beyond...