David Holmes
David Holmes

Need "Obamacare"? Watch out: These sites are out to steal your information and maybe screw you out of insurance

My inconvenient, then invasive, then harassing experience with the healthcare lead-gen industry.

Steve Jobs: Jerk or genius?

A Valley pioneer weighs in on Sorkin's portrayal versus the real thing.

FICTION: The Devil You Know (Chapter Five)

A future-fiction horror story, exclusive to Pando.

FICTION: The Devil You Know (Chapter Four)

A future-fiction horror story, exclusive to Pando.

FICTION: The Devil You Know (Chapter Three)

A future-fiction horror story, exclusive to Pando.

FICTION: The Devil You Know (Chapter Two)

A future-fiction horror story, exclusive to Pando.

FICTION: The Devil You Know

A future-fiction horror story, exclusive to Pando.

Every second, three startups are launched globally, as VCs invest $90k a minute

It’s a pretty great time to raise venture capital in America.

The Book of Numbers: Easy to understand, hard to tolerate

Close that tab. Close all your tabs. Close that browser. Close that laptop. And now close Book of Numbers.

For better or worse, Hillary may very well be the Silicon Valley favorite in 2016

As a pro-business candidate without any wacky ideas about gay people or science denial, Hillary is a Valley corporation's best friend

More Americans consume news on Facebook than ever before. Uh oh

I hope you like polarizing discourse, factual inaccuracies, and poorly-sourced memes!

Founder Psychology: Spotify's Daniel Ek

How one of the nicest CEOs in the history of the Valley created such an asshole of a company

If Spotify convinces Washington to act against “unfair” Apple Music, guess who suffers most: Artists

Whenever two giant entities butt heads in the music industry, artists lose.

When a "safe space" goes wrong

Read this amazing open letter to a feminist discussion group.

Social Justice Tourists: Amy Schumer, race, and social media's censorship of satire

The backlash against the popular comedian represents the worst of modern discourse in the digital age.

Trump doubles down on racism, so let's look at some numbers

Not only is Trump a despicable racist, he’s also flat-out wrong.

Twitter, Microsoft, Reddit: Imagining Aaron Sorkin's next great tech screenplays

How would other classic tech tales look filtered through Sorkin’s wordplay-damaged worldview?

A new study flies in the face of everything we know about the music industry. Because it’s wrong

A new study tries, and fails, to prove that people totally want to pay for music.

Sorry, Trump: Average Texans are 3 times more likely to have committed sex crimes than undocumented immigrants

The Right's statistics surrounding rape and immigrants are sorely lacking in context

No, we are not entering the age of the "hipsterpreneur." Thank God.

Yesterday's hipsters started bad bands, wore bad clothes, and thought all the better of themselves. Today they start bad companies.

The 10 best albums on Apple Music that aren’t on Spotify

Ten phenomenal albums, ten huge advantages for Apple over Spotify. And, no, Taylor Swift didn’t make the cut.

Algorithms are coming to Twitter: Here's how it can avoid becoming Facebook

Doomsayers are still calling the new Twitter a tragedy, I see it as an opportunity.

Tech giants celebrate gay marriage, continue to fund anti-LGBT politicians

Google, Facebook, Oracle, Salesforce and others have supported candidates who oppose marriage equality.

Facebook finally told us what word made them ban our story about homelessness

After two days of arguing with robots about profanity, we're finally able to give Facebook our money.

Why Circa was doomed from the start

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: One of the most promising young companies of the new journalism revolution just ran out of money and closed its doors -- likely forever.

Lessons from Yo La Tengo: How to survive 30 years in the music industry

It's not so much that Yo La Tengo has ascended, as the rest of the industry has slowed down to meet them.

Facebook won't allow us to promote our story on Google's war against the homeless

Got a problem with Facebook? Take it up with the robot. Got a problem with the robot? Take it up with Facebook.

Taylor Swift's Apple reversal sounds like a win for artists, but it's not

The fight feels like a less win for musicians and more like a win for... Apple Music and Taylor Swift.

Seven things we learned about the music industry in 2015 at Pandoland/Bonnaroo

I just spent ten days in Tennessee, plied with whiskey, sun, smoke, and food as fried as I feel right now. I did it for you.

Let the dystopian future of media begin

The new media landscape is shaking out fast and the losers are getting absorbed while the big winners are getting bigger.