Gary Brecher
Gary Brecher

Gary Brecher is the War Nerd.

The War Nerd: Captagon, the Beheading Drug!

When it starts raining stupid, you have to figure that pretty soon the stories about evil drugs will start pelting down.

The War Nerd: That Russian airliner... bomb or loose screw?

As soon as I heard a Russian charter plane had crashed on its way back from Sharm-el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg, I started trying to guess the odds.

The War Nerd: Bombed Stupid

The Anglo media is all scared about the Russian air strikes in Syria. So they’ve started a counter-bombardment of their own, dumping tons of stupid on us helpless civilians.

The War Nerd: Why is the F-35 Like an Albanian Mushroom?

A scam worth $1.5 trillion dollars, an obvious scam, the kind that doesn’t even show any respect for the suckers it’s robbing.

The War Nerd: The Museum of Defeats

Mexico City guidebooks are always a little nervous about the National Museum of Interventions...

The War Nerd: OK, Who Rocketed?

A funny thing happened on the Golan Heights.

The War Nerd: Don’t be fooled -- Turkey is attacking the Kurds

You might be cheering for the Turkish Air Force, which has reportedly finally decided to strike Islamic State targets in Syria. Don’t believe it.

The War Nerd: How many soldiers does Hezbollah actually have?

The US and Israel want to exaggerate the power of Hezbollah’s rockets, while blacking out what really scares them.

The War Nerd: The YPG’s new problem against Islamic State is... Victory

IS had the chance to make a Hezbollah-type stand along Highway 6. They skeedaddled.