Joshua Ellis
Joshua Ellis

Joshua Ellis is a writer, coder, musician and rationalist mystic currently hiding out in the wilds of Eastern Washington with two delusional housecats who both plan to vote for Bernie Sanders in every election.

The Lennon/McCartney of dentistry: An American vampire in Juarez (Pt IV)

I’ve been going over the Marathon Man horror of my final molar extraction in my head these past couple of days. Would the same thing have been allowed to happen if I’d been at an American dentist? Was the dentist incompetent?

“Do you know you’re bleeding?”: An American vampire in Juarez (Pt III)

"My hands won’t stop shaking and I can’t stop crying. My adrenaline is kicked up a thousand percent, and I’m honestly not sure that if the dentist walked into the lobby I could prevent myself from breaking his jaw."

An American vampire in Juarez

Getting my teeth pulled In Mexico's most notorious border town.