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Sarah Lacy

Sarah Lacy is founder and editor in chief of Pando. 

Here’s the problem with Hollywood hating on Netflix...

There's a massive, massive difference between Netflix and other disruptive forces like Uber and Napster.

Uber's Emil Michael was apparently too awful, even for Donald Trump

A trove of leaked Trump Administration documents obtained by Axios shows that Michael was once considered as a potential candidate for Donald Trump's Secretary of Transportation. But there were a few, uh, "red flags."

A Unicorn with a Soul: Zipline’s Unbelievable Comeback Accelerates with a new $190m Round

“If you are willing to endure any amount of pain and not give up, it’s really hard for someone else to kill you.”

Who is REALLY responsible for Uber's failed IPO? Uber.

At what point does the Valley in-crowd stop making excuses for this company?

Are toxic masculinity deniers the new climate change deniers?

Over the last few months the data has begun to stack up...

Sheryl Sandberg is practicing what she preached

The problem isn’t that Sandberg is getting called out for betraying what she told us she stood for. The problem is that male CEOs and COOs in tech don’t get called out for it.

Move fast and break human lives

Blistering new documentary “The Bleeding Edge” shows how much tech and healthcare investing have in common after all.

The bias hidden inside "consensus"

For women and people of color to succeed in this industry, the things the industry has taken for granted as positives might also have to change.

Best of Pando Monthly: Fred Wilson talks timing, luck, and the dangers of corporate venture capital

Wilson also discusses the ups and downs of several of his largest investments, including Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare and Zynga.

Westergren and Conrad: "We were like the guy walking around the casino with just their underwear"

From their 2014 Pando Monthly interview, Pandora's Tim Westergren and Tom Conrad discuss early challenges, the tensions between streaming services and artists, the arduous battles in Congress, and share some crucial advice to help other entrepreneurs get through tough times.

Dara Khosrowshahi: A massive void where Uber's values should be

I’m hard pressed to think of any company aside from Uber that has so abdicated the benefit of the doubt but keeps getting it nonetheless.

Leslie Feinzaig’s Army of Women

The Female Founders Alliance founder on raising money as a new mom, what separates meaningful women’s networking groups from the rest, and her career-long effort of beating the odds.

Kara Nortman: “We can’t all be flame throwers”

How and when to stand up for women in rooms full of men.

Stewart Butterfield: If snakes had our technology, we would be toast

The founder of Slack talks about how he created Flickr and Slack out of the ashes of failed projects and shares tips for achieving a billion dollar valuation.

A line in the sand

The recall of Judge Aaron Persky was a far harder battle than it should have been.

John Zimmer: We’re focused on the two trillion dollar opportunity

"Spending a lot of time on things that are out of our control is not super productive."

Susan Lyne: "Sometimes it takes a fight"

From Jane Fonda and Martha Stewart to Shonda Rhimes and Patty Hearst. Few people’s careers have intersected with as many media legends as Susan Lyne.

Serena Schuler: TV has a responsibility to create role models

Women may only make up some 3% of CEOs of venture backed companies, but they do exist. And it’s possible, a story about someone overcoming even more odds than the typical startup founder just might make for more interesting television.

Taking back the Internet for women

Dear Internet created almost exclusively by young white men: We are coming for you.

Pro Tip VCs: $15m to a de-risked business isn’t a Series A

Remember when “early stage investors” took risk?

Aaron Hirschhorn: The $70 million dog sitter

Co-founder and CEO of DogVacay on deliberate growth, watching dogs to make ends meet and building a business on trust.

Jerry Yang: I was my favorite Yahoo! CEO

The Co-Founder of Yahoo talks about how he pulled off one of the best investments in tech history, what he’s doing now, and how to win in China.

Jennifer Justice: If bitch means being good, then great. I’m a bitch.

As President of Corporate Development at Superfly, Jennifer Justice is an industry powerhouse. Here, she shares stories of resilience and the power she gained after becoming a mother.

Introducing Chairman Mom: My new subscription-based platform that believes in working moms

85% of women have seen mom-shaming on social media; more than 30% see it “frequently.” This ends now.

Andrea Berry talks about her new startup, Fluidity.Love

Fluidity.Love is a content site with articles, advice, and data on how to celebrate and be supportive of gender fluidity at home and in the workplace.

Has Instagram accidentally taken out Pinterest on its way to taking out Snap?

In a market that is all about scale, does better functionality matter enough to warrant a $12 billion valuation for Pinterest?

Making Room at the Table: An interview with Sallie Krawcheck

The Founder of Ellevest talks about her experiences as one of the most senior and prominent women in the financial world, and why she left Wall Street on a mission to close the gender investing gap.

“I do have fear. I just don't have fear of the usual kinds of things.”

How some of the tech’s female badasses became that way.

“I miss the frivolous”

Nancy Lublin on her new company, motherhood, and tech’s morality crisis.

The Bear’s Lair: The untold story of systemic gender discrimination inside UC Berkeley’s IT Department

What happened when women banded together, kept a paper trail, told their story, launched an investigation and proved a hostile work environment? A woman was laid off, and the men’s careers soared.

Admitted sexual harasser Justin Caldbeck won't be speaking at a Women In STEM conference after all

Caldbeck’s latest desperate attempt at a rehabilitation tour hits the skids.

THIS is why you don’t build $30 billion companies aimed at just one generation

The hits keep on coming when it comes to Snap’s avoidable bet that narrow would be better.

Silicon Valley against Silicon Valley

As valuations keep soaring, Valley elites are turning on each other.

Expanding the borders into hell: Can a new crop of female and minority founded venture funds rescue us from the “hoodie kings”?

“If we just give up, if we let these creeps have their way, we’re going to have another two decades of this”

America's bias against working moms comes down to one question: Do you value your female employees or not?

Before you consider a single finding in ReCode’s survey of mothers returning to work in the tech world, you need to remember and internalize one reality...

In 2018, Women need companies like PandiaHealth more than ever

If there’s one thing all the waves of feminism pretty much agree on, it’s this: In order for women to have economic freedom, we need to be able to control when and how and if we become mothers.

Tell me again why Uber is worth $69 billion?

Ridesharing has never been a strong network effects business.

Kalanick's payday shows there's no “evolution in corporate America”

There’s at best a disconnect between actors like BlackRock and those like Softbank and Uber.

Wonder Woman Island or the Avengers?

Should men be part of the #metoo solution, or will they always be part of the problem?

“I’m surprised there was not more of a backlash”: The inside story of putting rape culture on the ballot in Santa Clara

Michele Dauber filed nearly 100,000 signatures, ensuring voters will have the final say in the Brock Turner verdict.

America isn’t the feminist envy of the world and Silicon Valley isn’t the feminist envy of US industries

The danger of “Yeah, but things aren’t perfect everywhere...” thinking.

Oh, Snap: Evan Spiegel lost focus on Stories and rolled out the red carpet for copycats

Who could have predicted that Discover was a distraction from what Snap should be focused on? (Oh, right. Us.)

Facebook's stunning twelve month fall from grace

Move over, Microsoft, there's a new Evil Empire in tech...

“Beyond the Series B”: What Silicon Valley’s biggest stars “believe” (That nobody else does)

Magic, an end to venture capital, and the problem when your only goal is getting rich.

Are we starting to see cracks in the bro-economy?

You can only lose your money once… unless you counted on that paper valuation being real…

Beyond the Series B: When to quit, when to sell, and when to double down

It’s the question nearly every entrepreneur faces, whether their business is doing great, failing, or somewhere in between...

Wow. Yes.

Silence Breakers get their due. Here’s what it’s not the day for...

Scaling your startup with Soul

The Co-Founders of SoulCycle share how they took their business plan scrawled out on a napkin and scaled it into a spinning phenomenon that is sweeping the nation—one stationary bike at a time.

“I was working so hard, I was so exhausted and I was so invisible”

Caitlin Freeman on becoming a pastry chef, an entrepreneur, a stay at home mom, and now an entrepreneur again.

Uber’s customer is Softbank and its users are disposable

As lawmakers and the press universally express horror, Softbank is poised to reward everyone who enabled Travis Kalanick

"The Wrong Kind of Money"

Elon Musk, Fred Wilson, Brian Chesky, Kevin Systrom, Aaron Levie, Sophia Amorusa, Michelle Zatlyn, Julie Hanna, and Susan Lyne discuss the money you *shouldn't* take.

Justin Caldbeck's comeback tour: Turning sexual harassment into lemonade

Gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross.

Jess Lee: Go ahead and call me a “girly investor”

No queen bees here: Prominent female VCs band together to help female founders.

Sheila Marcelo: Timing Isn't Everything

Sheila Marcelo, Co-Founder and CEO of talks about the winding road she took - from a small coconut farm in the Philippines to becoming one of a handful women CEOs leading a publicly traded company.

WeWork Elementary: Move fast and break kids

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in WeWork Kindergarten.

Netflix: Moral Like a Fox?

When morality and fiduciary duty align.

Tech giants in Congress isn't just theater, it's *bad* theater

“I am disappointed you did not send your CEOs."

The naive hope of culture change: The one pattern Silicon Valley refuses to see

It's your $10 billion, Softbank... but maybe check out Ellen Pao's book before you do that Uber deal

Erin Levine’s five empowering little words: “I’ll see you in court”

Recently, I came across a startup that’s focused on a yet-undisrupted opportunity: Divorce.

The Four-Day Twitter Week

My new strategy for coping with a toxic environment.

Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and Washington DC: With great power comes great toxicity

I’ve been thinking most of the morning about the relationship between the three centers of power in American life.

Beyond the Series B, Episode Three: The Great Rivalries of Silicon Valley

David v. Goliath, David v. David, Founder v. Founder, Founders v. VCs, and VCs v. VCs.

As 2017 gets ever more horrific, Silicon Valley is now at war with itself

It’s hard for me to remember a time that I’ve seen and heard so many people inside the tech industry, openly disgusted with the tech industry.

It’s called “Fuck You Money” for a reason

Pierre Omidyar has gone full-bore on Trump/Facebook. Where are the others?

What Silicon Valley keeps getting wrong: That "hater" was supposed to be your user

Silicon Valley should be a counterpoint to the hate and divisiveness and the lies of a Trump America. And yet...

“I was too much of a girl to fight it”: Media legend Susan Lyne on… everything

From Martha Stewart to Meredith Grey, Lyne’s career has helped shape women’s depictions in media for decades.

Ellen Pao, Susan Fowler, Tracy Chou and reasons to hope

It never looks like dramatic social change has happened when it actually has.

Benchmark vs Kalanick (featuring Pishevar): A modern Silicon Valley morality play

How appropriate that the battle over the future of Uber’s board and soul has come down to a public fight, full of high-minded rhetoric as everyone tries to look like the most righteous player.

"I almost lost my leg to a crazy guy with a Geiger counter": Max Levchin and other Valley icons share their stories of luck

"There is no question that you are better off than you were before you sold the company for a zillion dollars."

Revenge of the Olds: Snap’s 2015 detour that is causing its woes today

Don’t blame Facebook, blame a company that chose media over utility.

Aaron Persky stalls recall vote: The horrifying piece of "today in misogyny" news you may have missed

The same month he hires a Trump operative, Persky uses courts to suppress potential vote.

Brotopia is burning

Benchmark is shocked when law-breaking, anti-authority hero breaks laws and doesn’t respect their authority.

“We want to be everywhere diners are”: Grubhub may not be “disruptive” but it’s acquisitive AF

Windy City revenge: A trio of deals, suddenly gives Grubhub double the market share of anyone else. Can Amazon still crush it?

Falling knife: At $40 billion, Uber would still be overvalued

From first to fourth in less than a year… maybe being a private company isn’t easier after all.

Travis Kalanick isn't "Steve Jobs-ing" anything

Just a kid in the turtleneck, listening to to Bob Dylan and looking out the window.

The reason Elon Musk beat Fisker is the reason he’ll beat Uber (and the rest)

“You only build value in a company if you're doing hard work to solve tough problems. That's why companies are valuable.”

If entrepreneurs are so data-obsessed, why do they always talk about “luck”?

“Beyond the Series B”: A new podcast series from Pando.

The $199 billion problem: Ten US companies that could devastate Silicon Valley

What’s the greater ticking time bomb: More than a hundred companies worth $1 billion each or ten companies worth $199 billion?

As IPOs flounder and gender wars flare, VC mega deals approach 2015’s frothy levels. This is fine

We all know this will end in tears, it’s just a matter of how long late stage investors can delay it.

CB Insights: 48% of the startup world thinks meaningful change will only happen if women continue coming forward

In a stunning reversal of power, it’s long marginalized women who are now in control of the industry’s future.

The Toxic Masculinity Bubble has burst

For most of us, this is good news.

After McClure revelations, 500 Startups LP Mitch Kapor says he'll ask for his money back

500 Startups knew about McClure's behavior for months... LPs say they only found out from the NYTimes

The Free Market that goes around, comes around

How not to be the next Binary Capital.

Margaret Atwood: I don’t think Donald Trump has got much to do with the prospects of the survival of humanity

The Handmaid’s Tale author on her entrepreneurial journey, why the end of humanity won't likely be the result of a megalomaniacal tech entrepreneur, and her various screen adaptations that are hitting pop culture at the same time.

After days of scandal, Binary's future now in the hands of its LPs

The firm's fate could depend on whether more bad behavior comes to light.

Binary Capital's Justin Caldbeck accused of unwanted sexual advances towards female founders. Where's the outrage?

"If we don't say anything and this happens to someone else, it's really something we could have had a hand in preventing.”

This is my last story about Travis Kalanick

If you hold stock in Uber, here’s my take on your lot...

It's OK if Aibnb doesn't "win" China

Are we stunned that Didi Chuxing isn’t dominant in America?

Cash flows before bros: Inside Bill Gurley’s pivot from Uber apologist to board dissenter

What yesterday’s leaked all hands audio tells us about Uber’s board.

Susan Fowler did this

After Emil Michael’s ouster, no toxic Silicon Valley bro should feel untouchable.

Chad Dickerson: “There’s something about losing that makes you better.”

The former CEO of Etsy talks about his unconventional journey at the helm of 1.8M DIY-or-DIE crafters.

Greg Gianforte allegedly assaulted a reporter. Wait. Greg Gianforte, the RightNow Technologies guy?

A reminder that you just never know what someone - even a seemingly boring enterprise software guy in Montana - is capable of.

In six years, Kai-Fu Lee says China has gone from mere copy cats to potential global AI domination. What changed?

How demographics, access to capital, tech behemoths, and all that data could finally propel China ahead of the Valley.

For the first time, almost entirely by accident, it’s great to be Lyft

An astounding example of the benefits of ignoring the competition.

Ben Lerer: "We're in 1985 all over again"

It's hard to decide who has changed the most: Thrillist or its co-founder and CEO Ben Lerer.

Even Steve Jobs worried about retaining employees. Good luck, Uber

Slowly but surely, Lyft is getting better at this game.

The UK wants to be a Facebook spoiler too

Facebook's dismissal of British lawmakers might not have been the best policy after all.

Airbnb puts major legal battle behind it, again proving it’s the anti-Uber

Airbnb is the one US decacorn that can sit back and pick its moment.

Lesley Gold: My husband isn’t dying, he just wants to be a stay-home dad

The latest installment of our podcast “A Uterus Is a Feature not a Bug.”

Didi surpassed Uber in rides more than a year ago. Is it about to surpass Uber in valuation?

Didi’s valuation soars thanks to a much larger market, a near monopoly, and Uber’s insistence on continually punching itself in the face.

Taking back Silicon Valley from the bros, one board seat at a time

Unicorns are making the most gender progress at the board level.

Staying Cool: An Interview with Drew Houston

Co-founder and CEO of Dropbox talks about his YC experience, funding and the not-so-good times.

Press Here: There are 76,000 millionaires and billionaires in Santa Clara and San Mateo alone

Meanwhile, some 30% of those populations are on some form of public assistance.

While all of tech bets on logistics, cars, and drones, Facebook is all about its augmented world

Forget aspirational profiles. Forget fake news. Facebook is now all about its “augmented world”.

How the cult of the founder turned into a divine right to be an asshole

When Y-Combinator is advocating for more board oversight… you know it’s about to get a whole lot worse

Here’s a first on my founder mom podcast: “I loved fundraising”

Monica+Andy CEO Monica Royer on how being a mom-- and a sister-- changed her professional life.

Facebook’s latest pivot away from commerce is only a shock if you don’t know Facebook

Internet-beaming planes? Virtual reality? No problem. Its commerce Facebook is terrified of.

Excellent reasons for Didi to raise this much money

First off: We have to stop calling this venture capital.

They may be total opposites, but Soul Cycle and Peloton need to merge

Sadly, the entrenched business of Soul Cycle and brewing unicorn valuation of Peloton will likely thwart a deal.

“The problem was we tried to disrupt it”: How Daniel Ek disrupted… disruption

Spotify is stuck in between the RIAA and Wall Street. Here’s why that’s not as disastrous as it sounds.

If the Uber/Waymo timeline is as damning as it looks, who else on Uber’s A Team is implicated?

If you have a problem... if no one else can help... maybe you can conspire with... The A-Team.

Amy Errett on Empowering Women &Finding Your Genius

Co-founder and CEO of Madison Reed on resilience, transforming DIY hair color and managing from love, not fear.

The Valley faced a big test in the last few weeks. It failed. What now?

Between Stanford, Trump and Uber, here’s my only hope that Silicon Valley will get better

“My heart sinks every time I read a press release that a VC firm is so proud to have added another guy to their ranks”

Aileen Lee on unicorns, fertility, and what she wishes someone had told her in business school

Aaron Hirschhorn: The $70m dog sitter

Co-founder and CEO of DogVacay on deliberate growth, watching dogs to make ends meet and building a business on trust.

White men to women and minorities in tech: We just DGAF

Silicon Valley Bank survey shows gender balance got slightly worse last year. It’s easy to see why.

A cynic, a social justice warrior, a fashion mogul, a composer: VC David Hornik on raising kids in the Bay Area

David Hornik on when being an engaged dad doesn’t have to kill your startup ambitions.

You know what’s more exciting than the journalism being produced by women’s magazines today? The army of girls reading it

If women don’t get “radicalized” until their 30s, imagine what generation Teen Vogue will become.

Tristan Walker: Against considerable odds

Founder & CEO of Walker & Company on courage, patience, and building things that solve problems.

“Inside out pressure matters more to tech companies than outside in. Employees have the power.”

Employee pressure is working: Here’s how to force CEOs to do more than talk.

Max Levchin has become an empathetic bright spot among tech’s super rich (Thank God someone has)

Who knew the “robotic” coder would have the PayPal mafia’s biggest heart and greatest courage?

Lean Out: The deafening post-November silence of Sheryl Sandberg

The biggest feminist in tech is dead silent on the biggest feminist protest ever.

Aileen Lee on hiring Ted Wang and making VC more “human”

“Great entrepreneurs are always happy never satisfied.”

With a $70 billion valuation on the line, why won't Uber stop punching itself?

New data proves Uber’s biggest problem is entirely self inflicted.

Brian Chesky's unbelievable journey

The CEO of AirBnB on his improbable rise from bodybuilding to building a $30B Business.

What we all missed when Marissa Mayer became Yahoo CEO

Not even she could survive the glass cliff.

No shock: Venture capital didn’t crash in 2016. Here’s why many insiders wish it would.

The dark side of unfettered success and “what the data tells us.”

Elon Musk: Too Crazy to be Lucky

On crashing cars, saving the planet and running out of runway.

“You can’t hotfix a bridge”: Christina Allen on the confidence you gain from building

The importance of raising girls who know how to use power tools and build robots.

M&Apalooza: 2017 will be a year of put up or shut up in Silicon Valley

We’ll likely see a few stunning deals, and a lot of product buys, distribution buys, talent buys.

2016: The Year Uber’s Playbook Started to Fail

China and the DMV have done what horrible exec behavior couldn’t: Humbled Uber.

Skepticism creeps in over Snapchat’s potential blockbuster IPO

But Snap Inc would still be wise to go public now.

It’s not the Indian government Ola and Flipkart need to be asking for favors: It’s the Indian consumers

Everything the two top Indian companies got wrong last week about China, protectionism, and startups.

Three years ago Marc Andreessen predicted the death of retail. Does BestBuy prove him right or Amazon prove him wrong?

Brick-and-mortar economics were unsustainable, but software alone may not be the answer

Say nothing! How Silicon Valley is turning into one giant awkward family Thanksgiving

The tech industry takes another cultural step away from confrontation.

Apple vs Samsung: Copycats really don't need any more help

As if President Elect Donald Trump threatening to force Apple to move its manufacturing to the US wasn’t bad enough, this week another branch of the federal government messed with Apple.

The death of network effects and the sad return of the VC kingmaker

You get what you pay for: The real reason power has swung back to VCs in 2016.

“Story” and truth: The Uber snake now has two sniping heads

Uber staffers waited a whole 14 days to undercut the new Uber President’s manifesto.

The Moment Marie Claire’s Anne Fulenwider got feminism religion

Bring ‘em in with the nail polish, then hit ‘em with the journalism.

Careful what you wish for: The danger in corporate VCs leading deals

We are getting way too reliant on an investor base with different incentives.

Snap’s pitch to bankers: Who needs 1 billion users?

“I ain’t ‘fraid of no ad-loads!”

"Women are just like men only a little bit better": Andy Dunn on building a men's company in what will become a woman's world

The CEO of Bonobos on better fitting pants, $100M in capital, and why men should embrace a world run by women.

“We’ve been saying ‘let them eat cake’”: Kristen Koh Goldstein breaks down how women in red America voted Trump

No, carving California off from them isn’t the answer. Silicon Valley needs to create jobs in Trump America.

"People were questioning my sanity": The improbable comeback of Keller Rinaudo

A company that should have gone under years ago now has $25 million at its disposal, not to mention a new name and mission. Romotive is now called Zipline. Cute robots are gone; it now uses drones to deliver life saving medication in Rwanda.

Uber’s new three-front war: With the Valley, Wall Street and itself?

Is luck finally turning for the highest valued private company in Valley history?

You Do You: Twitter acts like a lazy incumbent, while Facebook stays paranoid

The public company lessons that unicorns should learn from the Web 2.0 era.

Shocker: Tech’s widening gender gap is all about the bro-ification of Silicon Valley

Sure! Let’s get more girls coding. But until the Valley takes a stand on bad behavior, women will keep getting pushed out or dropping out.

A Uterus Is A Feature Not A Bug: Robin Wolaner

From Penthouse receptionist to force of feminist nature...

Blue Apron is crushing its rivals, but what's the future of “what’s for dinner” startups?

Is there a roll up? Do meal kit companies become the next growth engine of a WholeFoods? What?

Everything hinges on November for Trump and his insult platform of choice, Twitter

Morgan Stanley articulates a bear case that could send the stock as low as $7. Yow.

Show me the money! Corporate VCs now make competitive base salaries to “real” VCs

More evidence that the surge in Corporate Venture Capital isn’t just cyclical this time.

The “anti-Anne-Marie Slaughter”: Samantha Ettus is on a mission to convince all moms to work

The sad truth about moms who take “just a few years off work”: The majority never find a full time job again.

Why it matters that Sequoia not only hired Jess Lee, but hired a woman

Whether she resists the mantle or not, Lee is the living refutation of Mike Mortiz’ outdated views on women. We needed that.

After rumors that NastyGal was seeking a buyer, new rumors emerge of a $40 million cram-down round

No matter the terms, more cash means more time for the one-time ecommerce darling.

Everything that’s wrong with Silicon Valley in one bracket

Here’s to rooting for Stewart Butterfield and Aaron Levie.

Good news! Twitter isn’t the new Yahoo. It’s failing in a completely new way

Twitter is proving its unique indispensability at the same time it’s stock price craters because no one wants it. Has tech ever seen this before?

Forget hardware specs: Prime is the most important differentiator for Amazon versus everyone

Amazon’s 60 million Prime members spend nearly five times as much as the average customer and they don’t go away.

Four days inside Iceland’s working, single mom paradise (where sexism still persists)

Feminism in a country with no stay at home moms, and one of the lowest wage gaps in the world.

Rincon’s John Greathouse finally apologizes for sexist (and more!) WSJ op-ed. What took so long?

His partner also issues a statement: “I could not disagree with [the op-ed] more. I apologize on behalf of the firm”

Pony hair, don’t care: Half of the $1 billion+ exits this year were NOT unicorns

Get ready for more AppLovin billboards, Highway 101 drivers.

Is Snapchat the only decacorn determined to make its investors money?

Would you rather be a public Pinterest or a private Twitter?

The original dot com cockroach: Inside JibJab's aggressive new bet on iMessage

“We went from wondering if we were going to have to get jobs, to Jay Leno’s couch”

The Ultimate Mama-Bear: Michele Dauber’s campaign to recall Aaron Persky and the link between college assault and sexism in tech

Whether you’re in an Uber or at school, how a woman dresses shouldn’t make her “fair game.”

Subscription commerce: Making lemmings out of lemmingade

If anyone “needs” more reason to believe that ol’ line about venture capitalists being like lemmings, read on.

“I did cry every single day:” Natali Morris on the many things worse for working women than childbirth

Life 38 weeks pregnant, with two other kids, a new career and a personal ban over “shit on a table”.

“You’re gonna be a CEO like your mom”: Leigh Rawdon on raising sons in a family without traditional gender roles

Her company, Tea Collection, may make dresses for little girls, but it never underestimates them.

Google to Uber: Oh, you want to see what using cash as a weapon looks like?

Google leverages Waze to compete with Uber now… and doesn’t take a fee.

Would Netflix + Spotify = the ultimate modern media conglomerate?

In an Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon world, it’s eat or be eaten...

“I didn’t know they let pretty girls into Princeton”

Kim Scott on keeping the sexism cup half full and killing the angel in the office.

“F*ck Trump”: CRV takes the tech industry’s strongest stance on the election yet

“There are too many venture firms who hide in order not to offend anyone.”

Indonesia: Harder than it looks

(And harder than China and India)

Am I unhealthily obsessed with the election?

Am I more or less obsessed with this election than the average Valley insider? The Tweets don’t lie...

Katia Beauchamp on the moment she realized sexism was still alive and well in tech

“We crushed through every KPI and we just didn’t have the same access to capital. It was harder than it should have been.”

Finally there's a great Lyft billboard campaign (unfortunately it was produced by Uber)

Lyft’s billboard game is about as milquetoast as Uber is aggressive.

Dropbox grows up. Bill Gurley dances around his office. Will other decacorns follow suit?

Yes, Dropbox has seen Box’s stock chart. It’s also a venture funded company living in reality

The iPhone as the true window into our souls

The case for keeping an old iPhone: It's better than a journal.

“I created my professional life around [my kids], I think that’s pretty badass”

Allison Task on breaking the mold of the evil step mom, building a business on your terms, and the nirvana of a five minute work/home/school commute.

With another mega-round in progress, Airbnb has achieved something Uber hasn’t

In the shadow of all the Uber madness over the last seven years, is the story of Airbnb.

A risky strategy? Clinton puts her motherhood first

Hillary isn’t just running to be the first woman President; she’s emphasizing the very thing we’re told holds women back.

If $3 billion after 18 months of work is a bail-out, then please-- I implore you-- bail me the fuck out.

Oh yes you Didi! Chinese ridesharing giant merges with Uber

The enemy of my enemy is … wait? An investor in my enemy?

The houses that Zuck built

Meet your new landlords: Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg and Travis Kalanick.

“I’m a dirty realist”: Why Paul Berry killed RebelMouse’s free product

“The first thing you have to prove with software is it’s worth people’s time, before you move straight to it being worth their money.”

Why Julia Hartz’s move to CEO was a big move for her, her daughters, and women in tech

A new husband, a company, and a baby: Inside the two years that forever changed Julia Hartz’s life.

Shockingly, original journalism didn't save Reddit

When the hope is “original journalism” can save you, you know this isn’t going to end well.

Twitter’s summer is about to take a nasty turn, according to Morgan Stanley

Facebook’s paranoia continues to pay dividends; Twitter’s arrogance continues to cost it.

Is it "invalid" to ask whether sites women are on are also hurting women?

Our most contentious PandoLand debates with Nancy Jo Sales and Match's Sam Yagan.

No liquidity, no voice: The agony and the ecstasy of the Uber shareholder

In a desperate attempt, investors try to talk sense into Uber China…. Via Bloomberg.

Is Didi prepping for a coming regulatory battle in China?

The ridesharing giant takes recent pains to look like a safer, less disruptive, better Chinese citizen.

Finally some good news! The Samwers are struggling

Couldn't have happened to a nice set of copycats.

Awkward! The savior of new media... is old media

What the content business has in common with pharmaceuticals.

Just having Elon Musk’s blueprints and blessing doesn’t make you Elon Musk

Hyperloop One, Tesla and the chasm between ideas and execution.

Uber’s head of HR leaves huge potential payday to join... Twitter

Nine months after she said she was "f-ing terrified" and that bad press “did [her] no favors.”

So much for whitespace. Amazon has finally cracked apparel

Amazon uses its marketplace to dramatically grab apparel market share, while eBay fails at the same strategy.

Funding is drying up in food delivery. Who has an actual business?

Shit gets real for the on demand world’s most overfunded segment.

Do Indian consumers care about supporting Indian startups?

The apparent difference between Facebook in India and Uber and Amazon in India.

Those pugnacious Chicago entrepreneurs on punching everyone in the balls

Matt Maloney and Bryan Spaly sound off on competition, going public, and getting over “what’s fair” in startup life...

The secrets of raising money if you don’t live in Silicon Valley

Our panel weighs in: Should you have regular meetings with VCs when you aren’t raising funds? How much of your time (and cash) should you waste traveling to the Valley? If you raise Valley cash once do you set yourself up to be priced out of any local round ever again?

Jimmy Chamberlin: Music is a constant soundtrack and that makes us value it less

A Smashing Pumpkin on how music was consumed differently in the 1990s.

Does “Venture capital” need a new name?

The so-called “tourists” aren’t leaving…

Ann Miura-Ko on her journey from the “shortbus” to Stanford’s math department

In this episode of A Uterus Is A Feature Not A Bug, we discuss the gender gap on the other side of the board room table, and why things are so lousy for women in venture capital.

Surprise! Latest VC data shows no crash, no correction

The crowd at the party shrinks a little more but those still there get drunker and dance wilder.

“I respect who she is and how she is but also what she represents” Max Levchin’s defense of Marissa Mayer

Why he joined the Yahoo board, why he left and what he couldn’t say six months ago.

Venture funding: What can we expect from the quarterly cash autopsy?

A flood of data is about to come out about just what transpired in the world of venture funding.

Dick Costolo: “We just spent a stupid amount of time managing that craziness”

Former Twitter CEO reveals one of the many things that wasted time and money at the company.

Serious question: Does Tim Armstrong even believe his own bullshit anymore?

At least now he’s “reaching” consumers versus the vaguer and creepier “touching” them.

The business press really wants you to think Lyft is for sale. Is it?

An independent Lyft is worth a lot to a lot of billionaires.

“If ‘bitch’ means good, then, great.”

Music industry powerhouse Jennifer Justice on being a working mom in a male dominated world.

The Pugnacious Matt Maloney on BlueApron: “I don’t think there’s a chance they go public now”

Why the Grubhub CEO remains confident squeezed between competition from Uber, Amazon, Postmates, Doordash, and the rest.

“I listen to more music than I ever have but the economics have never been in worse shape”

Smashing Pumpkins' Jimmy Chamberlin on the sad state of music in an online world.

“There are no heroes other than that jury”: Jason Hirschhorn on what really took Gawker down

Peter Thiel stays on Facebook’s board just as everyone not in the media expected.

Snapchat: Goodbye, next Facebook. Hello, new Twitter

Pew backs up what I’ve been saying for a year: Snapchat is utterly wasting its potential on Discover.

The dragon from the left: The biggest enabler of unicorns isn't going anywhere yet

Exits are down, VCs are spooked, and hot hedge money has retrenched. And yet, startups keep breaking fundraising records.

Ecommerce is supposedly capital intensive. So why do the companies that raise the least tend to do the best?

“Raising money means you aren’t good enough to build a company that’s profitable”

Behind the money: What the last decade of social media has done to culture

Pandoland explored the cash and success sure, but also some of the unintentional costs.

How Facebook and LinkedIn have both benefited from watching the sad story of Yahoo

Selling at the right moment is just as important as buying companies that could take you out in ten years.

“Injecting hives into a young baby”: How it all went so wrong for Viacom

Jason Hirschhorn sounds off on “the downfall of Viacom.”

If we’re right on the coming food-pocalypse, two dozen of the top VCs in the world are very very wrong

Morgan Stanley for one, sees GrubHub fending off Amazon, Uber and outlasting the private companies. We’ll ask Matt Maloney about it next week.

Uber offers bonuses to NYC drivers for working insane hours

So much for Arianna and Travis' crusade against drowsy driving.

Americans spend ten times more not winning the lottery than they do on music

Can Troy Carter bolster the music industry’s last best hope?

If you don’t cover startups, you don’t cover the real business of tech

Revisionist history only works if no journalists are there to record the truth.

Uber boasts to Chinese users: Saudi princes are making it rain!

Kudos to Uber: This actually be the first time they’ve been completely honest in marketing and advertising.

The big winner in this whole Tony Fadell/ Google thing? Facebook’s M&A team

Founders stay at Facebook….not so Google… or anywhere else.

Snapchat surpasses Twitter in daily users. Yes, and…?

Bragging about beating Twitter in users is like bragging about making out with your cousin

Uber raises the largest deal in venture history. Now what?

A battle valued in the tens of billions is about to get even bigger.

“They have to know you exist”: The hot hand of Ann Miura-Ko

“Defending my thesis, launching this fund, trying to get my first investments, when I had this [pregnant] belly. I was stacking the odds against myself.”

Announcing our latest Pandoland speaker: Marco Zappacosta

Of course we had to make room for Thumbtack’s CEO to speak at Pandoland later this month.

Thumbtack is unlike any other unicorn you know. And I mean that as a compliment

With no brand, revenues nearing $100 million, and seven years of runway, Thumbtack is an anti-unicorn unicorn.

The what’s for dinner shakeout: Would you rather be killed by churn or Amazon?

New funding is down nearly 70%... which foe will prove deadlier?

A Uterus Is a Feature not a Bug episode II: Nicole Farb

Darby Smart’s founder on leaving banking to start a company and having twins on the way.

I tested Rent The Runway’s new Unlimited service. My satisfaction was… limited

A $1000 fur vest, a damaged jumpsuit, and frustration at a service that could be so much more.

Silicon Valley Episode Five: In Praise of Failing Up

“It’s my job and I deserve it.” ”I am such an idiot.”

The big winner of the on demand world so far? Apparently, it’s Amazon and Craigslist

Also, Pew uses world’s broadest definition of “sharing economy.”

A Uterus is a Feature, Not a Bug Podcast: Episode One, Lynn Perkins

I got at least two brilliant parenting tips I’m ripping off.

“We back the truck up when we have conviction” How Brian Singerman made Founders Fund’s biggest return ever

Hello, Midas List. Singerman on a career-making deal most firms would have never allowed him to do.

“That was pretty badass Richard, until it wasn’t”

Richard continues to be the chew toy of the Silicon Valley writers room...

ex-Smashing Pumpkin Jimmy Chamberlin joins amazing Pandoland Chicago lineup

He joins Margaret Atwood, Max Levchin, Dick Costolo, Nancy Jo Sales, Brian Spaly, Sam Yagan, Matt Maloney, Bill Ready, and... you?

The case for Facebook buying Slack (not Snapchat)

Why price and antitrust don’t matter.

Sure Pinterest struggles globally. But it’s big in... Idaho?

A state-by-state analysis shows a worse picture for Pinterest than I painted a few weeks ago.

Episode three of HBO’s Silicon Valley is the darkest yet

Richard should have been fired as CEO, and should have probably sold to Hooli in season one.

Postmates wasn’t the delivery company the Valley elite bet on. But it’s the one winning

Postmates stubbornly refuses to play to the agreed on script of “most troubled on demand company.”

One entrepreneur's lesson from Travis Kalanick: Investors only respect you if you treat them like assholes

"We weren’t forceful or aggressive enough... And I actually think, as fucked up as that is, it’s also totally, totally true."

Is Snapchat finally getting it?

Utility > Millennial news hour.

Another VC insists every startup (not in their portfolio) is screwed. Once again, no data cited

And the Wall Street Journal eats it up, without citing any real evidence.

In just four years, Facebook has achieved something Google has spent its life as a public company attempting

The news out of Facebook was so phenomenal that reporters and onlookers each had a different stat they seized on.

Male superheroes, girls' underwear: A giant missed opportunity

Why can't I find underwear for my daughter with any of her favorite characters on them?

Is Pinterest just a private Twitter?

“Subtle” isn’t how you earn an $11b valuation.

Why do startups keep trusting large tech companies to look out for them?

The biggest threat to venture capital funding that no one seems to be talking about.

"Look, I'm a huge fan..." Episode 1 of "Silicon Valley" Season 3, reviewed

Somehow the utterly fictional representation of Silicon Valley is the only mainstream pop culture show that’s come eerily close to reality.

The 1099 Self-Organizing Act: Well done, sharing economy startups

As if rising rents weren’t enough, non-techies in California have a new reason to hate startups.

Sources: Shuddle’s collapse was the fault of Shuddle, not the investment climate

Meanwhile, freshly funded HopSkipDrive to expand into SF in May.

Was Uber responsible for the “malicious” rumor against Ola last week?

With China looking hopeless, the company seems to be intensifying its battles in India and South East Asia.

Sam Yagan and Jason Hirschhorn join the over-stuffed Pandoland Chicago Line-Up

Joining Dick Costolo, Max Levchin, Nancy Jo Sales, and Margaret Atwood.

Watch Pando play "Fantasy Series A": Part V

Long after real March Madness has ended, CB Insight’s VC Series A dream team bracket is just getting interesting.

How Poshmark found the one VC not terrified by fashion ecommerce

Go time: The next twelve months will transform Poshmark beyond second hand goods...or kill what’s great about it.

The two spoilers in the much anticipated startup downturn? Corporate and international VCs

The first quarter was less about a downturn, and more about a shift in power.

Uber may be the ridesharing goliath in the US, but internationally it’s become a wounded, whining David

In just seven months, the optics around the Didi coalition have changed from also-ran challengers to increasingly globally dominant.

Honest may be 2016’s first would-be IPO candidate to have unicorn regret

As we reported months ago, its highflying valuation came with strings.

The “Albanian Army” is gaining... but will Netflix one day regret being in the hits business?

Netflix’s new twist on the age old “content versus delivery” debate

Inside Facebook’s “copy and crush” playbook

A lot of tech companies have large audiences and a trove of cash.

Marc Benioff: From marketing guy to people's billionaire

Somehow Benioff became more magnanimous as much of the younger, hipper tech world around him became less so.

This is not the downturn you're looking for

The number of closed deals was down by some 40% year over year, and the overall dollar amount was roughly flat, compared to one year ago.

Watch Pando play "Fantasy Series A"

Will the crowd do better this time around?

Actually, Four Seasons might be one of the few hotel brands not gutted by Airbnb

There’s a big difference between Starwood dissing Airbnb and the Four Seasons dissing Airbnb.

The enemy of my enemy is YouTube streaming

Internet music pure-plays are actually helping the RIAA. Google, on the other hand...

Didi has long been the largest ridesharing company in the world. Now it’s also the second largest ecommerce platform in China

Didi does eight times as many rides per day as all of North America. Meanwhile, Uber is bleeding out billions trying to make a dent.

The hot money has left the building

Hedge funds go cold on startups in 2016.

Sequoia Capital's gender problem

After Mike Goguen allegations, women speak out on their experiences with the Valley's most successful firm.

Nancy Jo Sales joins amazing Pandoland lineup in Chicago

It’s been difficult to move in the media world in the last few weeks without hearing about Nancy Jo Sales incredible best selling book “American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers...”

Corporate VC's holy shit moment: What does Intel know that Google, Sesame Street, Comcast, and Alibaba don’t?

The sole constant in corporate venture capital is rumored to be selling off its portfolio.

Will someone please tell WeWork we’re in a downturn?

It’s raising its third mega round in less than 18 months to expand in Asia at a 60% higher valuation. What could possibly go wrong?

Curse of the lanyard: Does anyone even want to be the darling of SXSW anymore?

Somehow SXSW gets more mainstream but the hot companies it briefly popularizes don’t.

Shocking stories about Uber’s customer service also show a company struggling to cut costs

Uber isn’t (merely) evil; it’s does what it does because its economics don’t work.

You can’t have it both ways. If unicorn valuations matter on the way up, they matter on the way down too

Unicorn employees: Ask your boss what the company has to be worth for you to make a dime.

MyFitnessPal's restaurant finder could be a game-changer

The problem is the feature isn’t very good…. yet.

The moment Jack Dorsey lost

It came well before he became Twitter’s (part time) CEO.

Female founders, and when good intentions go bad

You don't have to wear cardigans and pearls to raise money.

Guess what? Uber isn’t a ridesharing company any more!

The company’s latest bizarre spin comes courtesy of Vanity Fair.

Uber blames Didi for its billion dollar a year woes in China. Well, it’s about to get much worse

World’s largest ridesharing company by rides is raising $1 billion more (that it says it doesn’t need).

What do 500Startups and Sequoia Capital have in common?

Ummmmm….? Gimmie a second...They are both venture firms?

With Daniel Ek’s move to Google Cloud, Amazon haters rejoice

Chess pieces move between two of tech’s most valuable companies.

Hot or Not founder responds to Nancy Jo Sales' new book: "I don’t think we invented human nature"

"She’s right that HOTorNOT was the first site that unleashed this part of human nature. But if it wasn’t us, it would have been someone else."

Female founder raising venture capital? Your odds are even worse than I thought

More than 36% of all small businesses in the US are female-owned. But only 2.7% of venture-backed companies have a female CEO.

Juno founder: “Everybody we talked to, they hated Uber with a passion.”

Talmon Marco gives details on new ridesharing launch (and decides to drop “creepy” driver tracking in the meantime.)

What is Juno and why is it paying Uber drivers to track your rides?

Does Uber really have a new, deep-pocketed, equally aggressive competitor waiting in the wings?

Uber hires largest union busting law firm, as the driver furor only grows

New York, not the West Coast, is likely to be the core battleground.

Pandora the TiVo-esque tragic hero?

Perhaps we’re only allowed to have one publicly traded Internet music company at a time.

Does a VC’s unconscious hesitation to fund women start at home?

According to one sample, Silicon Valley’s upper echelons have 50% fewer working moms than the national average.

Twitter launches the algorithmic timeline change it said it wasn't planning

As usual, don’t listen to Jack Dorsey’s words, look at his actions.

An obscure biotech company has gone public! 2016’s IPO drought is over!

Meantime some $90 billion in capital sits in the IPO pipeline wringing its hands.

Lyft is insanely worried about pissing off drivers. Why isn’t Uber?

The post where I argue Uber isn’t (merely) an evil company.

The new gatekeepers: One-third of all startups to raise a Series A graduated from an incubator

Contrary to press reports and common sense, maybe incubators do work beyond just YC.

Just a year after launch, Bezar sells to AHAlife

“I can’t predict the future, but I don’t think it’ll be any easier for ecommerce companies to stay alive in the coming year.”

Netflix and Amazon’s deals at Sundance don’t make economic sense because they don’t have to

Welcome to the Google-ization of movies (It’s not as bad as it sounds).

Frustrated by San Francisco’s “Super Bowl City”? You're not alone

Not even the city’s supervisors can get straight answers on the City’s deal with the NFL.

Birchbox lays off 15% of staff, citing funding environment and a need to rebalance the company

Founder Katia Beauchamp tells Pando: "It’s 100% the right decision for the company."

This is why Facebook will never become Yahoo (or Twitter)

Only the paranoid survive (and reach a $300bn+ market cap).

It’s time for Jack Dorsey to commit to Twitter full time

There’s one easy way to buy credibility from investors and employees (and it isn’t buying or giving away more Twitter stock)

Why political operatives taking over Silicon Valley should scare the shit out of you

Hide your kids, hide your wife! No, literally, hide your kids and anyone else you love.

Things really aren't looking good for Bezar

It ain't over till it's over. (Is it over?)

Amid a brutal market for African venture capital, iROKO Partners gets another $19m

"The funding environment [in Africa] has basically disappeared... Many of the usual investors are not even active in Africa anymore."

Lyft: You know how Uber keeps talking about killing off drivers? Now we do that too!

Lyft squanders golden opportunity to differentiate from Uber… again.

Why senior execs have lost faith in Twitter

To lose two senior Twitter execs may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose four looks like Jack Dorsey is losing control.

Asian venture capital in 2016: This could get ugly…

It has the farthest to fall, and the newest investors.

The one venture stat that’s up in Q4 and what it means

As my four year old would say, “Early stage investors are fweeeeaking out!”

As the boasts continue, Uber’s stated expansion goals in China are starting to slip

As it quadruples cities served, will Uber also quadruple its $1 billion in annual Chinese subsidies?

Home care startup "Honor" is moving all its contract workers to W2 status, giving them equity

A sharing economy company that treats both its workers and users with respect? Now *that's* a unicorn.

The one thing Dennis Crowley believed that no one else did

This seems like a good time to revisit his PandoMonthly interview.

"Elephant in the Valley" survey is depressing but sadly not surprising

Does any of this sound familiar to you? if you're a woman working in tech, the answer is probably yes.

What Twitter and Yahoo should do next

Everyone else has proposed their own absurd plan. Here's mine.

“We’ll send someone under 25 who doesn’t understand we’re not paying them well”

FunnyorDie’s sick burn on Postmates and way sicker burn on Doordash.

Didi Kuadi says it did 40% more rides in 2015 than Uber has done… ever. Really?

Unfortunately, we live in a world of totally unverifiable ridesharing boasts.

How to survive the contentpocalypse

It's not just in ecommerce that "vertically integrated" is king.

Room for one more: The coalition to stop Uber gets a new deep-pocketed member

What do Carl Icahn, Peter Thiel, Marc Andreessen, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the largest Chinese and Japanese business moguls in the world and General Motors all have in common?

Should VCs be funding a world where half of us do the other half’s bidding?

We get into the big bad labor questions around the sharing economy.

“If you’re afraid of competition, you just shouldn’t be a founder”

Watch the full video with Sequoia Capital’s Alfred Lin and DoorDash’s Tony Xu.

Car wars: In lieu of Detroit becoming more Valley-like, the Valley becomes the new Detroit

Get the popcorn ready for this battle royale! (....And just keep it warm ‘til 2020.)

Software “is the easy part”

Why the sharing economy is so damn hard.

The four accomplishments you can't take away from Marissa Mayer

Failed or not, her tenure at Yahoo meant something.

Twitter needs Trump

What do cable news, Saturday Night Live, and Twitter all have in common? They all want Trump to continue being Trump.

A big reason UberEats has launched, right now

Hint: Things are getting worse in China... and finally the rest of the business press agrees.

Levchin's resignation from Yahoo's board is a big, sad, screaming sign that the company has given up on innovation

You know, all the reasons Marissa Mayer was hired and someone like Levchin was recruited to the board.

Why I’m betting there will be more unicorns by this time next year, not fewer

Statistically, half of you agree. And half of you think venture moves faster than it actually does.

After years of hype, cord cutting is finally real. But is it a revolution?

Sure, cable companies are screwed. But for consumers, it’s more cord-swapping than anything else.

Being a #girlboss requires less humility, not more

Contrary to Drew Barrymore's pro-Clinton email blast, electing the first female President of the United States isn’t something we should all take less seriously.

Let's Admit it: Food is a shit business

The software-eats-dinner space is still crowded and clamoring for your attention. Just give it some time.

From one content CEO to another: “What is crap?”

Refinery29’s founders on how they leverage Facebook without losing their soul… or risking their company

Confessions of a middle school Web kingpin: The Daniel Ek story

How Europe’s most celebrated entrepreneur got his start.

The “everyone but me” correction

Another month of startup data = another month of mixed signals as to the ecosystem’s health.

What does Sonos’ John MacFarlane know about entrepreneurship that the rest of the Valley doesn’t?

“You just have to make sure you are making the choices before they are made for you”

"It’s harder for a women’s site to raise money... no question"

But did having two male CEOs help Refinery29 raise some $80 million?

Watch the full PandoMonthly interview with Refinery29's co-CEOS, Philippe von Borries and Justin Stefano

Had your fill of family and leftovers? Too… um, sane?... to go stand in line at Target to get a good price on a TV? Then cozy up on the couch and watch our most recent PandoMonthly.

Whack-a-threat and the power of the Evie recharge

The battle between work and family is about almost never doing what seems conventionally wise from the outside.

Go, Bro. Go!

A Thanksgiving story, especially for (man)children.

Third quarter data shows exits continue to totally suck. In fact, they suck worse

Venture backed- tech companies had their worst quarter in more than two years.

Grubhub vs Postmates: A founder throws down, but misses the point

Grubhub founder acts shocked by the fact that a venture funded company would go against the status quo to solve a currently unsolved problem for consumers.

The Goldilocks bust: We didn’t get the Square IPO we wanted, but the one we deserved

Also: Thanks to ratchets, do today’s IPOs come with a huge conflict of interest?

The bros have got to go

Once again, a high profile tech bro threatens a female journalist. Once again, no one is fired. Once again, investors remain silent.

Apparently experiencing indigestion, software goes from eating the world to healing it

A Q&A with new Andreessen Horowitz partner Vijay Pande about his role and the firm's brand new "bio + computer science" fund.

This may be the perfect week to cut unnecessary growth spending

Your business only has a network effect if people want to use it.

Bubble talk: This week expect “Fidelity watch” to become “Square watch”

Will a lame Square IPO finally be the catalyst everyone is looking for?

“Do you fight dirty? Yeah, Fuck yeah.” Why CrossFit is so litigious

Greg Glassman on the part of his business he micromanages most: His army of lawyers.

CrossFit on Big Soda “[We are] kicking a giant in the balls who is already down on one knee”

Big sugar is going on trial in San Francisco and CrossFit aims to be right in the middle of it.

Greg Glassman’s reaction to his dot com implosion? “The best thing that ever happened to me”

Even for great businesses, sometimes the Internet math just doesn’t make sense.

SPONSORED: Will software ever completely eat HR?

TriNet argues ever changing regulations, the gig economy, and surge of entrepreneurial millennials means no.

Zucked over, yet again: Gasp! You mean there’s a downside to relying on Facebook for traffic?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing on Facebook again and expecting a different outcome.

Join us TONIGHT for PandoMonthy NY with Refinery29's Philippe Von Borries & Justin Stefano

In 2005, four friends started Refinery29 with just $5,000. A decade later, it is one of only six content companies worth north of $100 million.

Uber claims 30% market share in China, to Didi's... 80%

It seems that, once again, Uber hasn't told the truth about something. I know. I am as shocked as you are.

European Venture Capital: Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Investment in European startups is at a 19 quarter high, and is less dependent than ever on Silicon Valley. But the number of deals is down dramatically. What happens now?

Washing our own faces: Listen to this week's PandoLIVE

This week we talk about San Francisco’s municipal elections, the challenges of getting to profitability as a media company, and whether “washing your own face” is a real phrase.

"Love is scalable": Poshmark's CEO explains how to grow users by slashing marketing (and the time he was nearly sent to jail)

Only in Silicon Valley does an entrepreneur just drop into conversation the time a postal inspector almost sent him to jail.

Uneasy about greedy libertarian disrupters? Margaret Atwood has just the book for you

“The Heart Goes Last” hits so close to Silicon Valley’s worst elements, it’s cringeworthy.

New study confirms that San Francisco is getting even more white

As Silicon Valley has migrated up the Peninsula to center itself in San Francisco, a disturbing demographic trend is emerging.

The non-demand food wars continue: Blue Apron defends its turf against Gobble and Sun Basket

Reigning champion Blue Apron fends off Gobble and Sun Basket; and Munchery makes an announcement that portends well for the non-demand market.

We’ve finally agreed: Techpocalypse is coming. Two questions remain: When and who?

Bad exit environment, companies who’ve been told they are worth more than they are, entrepreneurs who have only known an environment of free money, and a completely false sense of security regarding how strong these businesses are...

Pando plays Fantasy Unicorn: The Final!

There are only two companies that can possibly win. Sarah Lacy calls the action ringside.

Nurse that ratchet: Data shows Chegg is far from the only unicorn to accept onerous terms

“I’ll give you any valuation you want if you let me write the rest of the term sheet” – Every VC who has ever lived.

Twitter: Struggling in eyeballs but monetizing too well

Morgan Stanley issues a damning downgrade report that gives Twitter a price target of just $24. It tells a wider story of what has gone wrong.

Yet again, Google Ventures totally knew from the start that a company sucked

A pattern of Google Venture's face-saving, told-ya-so statements to the press indicate the weaknesses of the hottest trend in corporate VC.

Get your tickets for our PandoMonthly with CrossFit founder Greg Glassman

Join us next week for a PandoMonthly conversation with Crossfit founder Greg Glassman.

Watch Pando play "Fantasy Unicorn"

Or as it used to be called... “Unicorn”

Bezar takes on Etsy, without the Birds or the Beards

Bezar founder and CEO Bradford Shellhammer reveals the critical next plank in his bridge to escape former company Fab's fate. Can it work?

The great unbundling of venture capital

Let's talk about one of the biggest reasons startups are about to crash. (And what we can do about it)

Shocker: Uber is having regulatory trouble in China

Yesterday, a shocked tech press reported draft Chinese legislation that may make like a lot worse for both Uber and Didi Kuadi. Who could have predicted such a thing?

Awww, Snap! (Channel)

Yesterday, Snapchat decided to abruptly shut down its own channel on Discover, Snap Channel, despite several high profile hires and elaborate plans.

The most patient man in Silicon Valley

The day Naval Ravikant turned down $1 billion and continued to methodically change the venture world forever.

StartupU Episode Nine: Why won’t anyone build an actual working product?

After seven weeks of manufacturing bizarre activities to try to teach the “students” how to be entrepreneurs, Tim Draper is about to throw them to the wolves.

“Is this thing on, bro?”

The downside of VCs becoming the spokespeople for the entire tech world.

It’s Jack Dorsey’s ego, not Moments, that will sink or save Twitter

Tuesday’s launch of Moments gave us a clear hint at how the Twitter story is going to develop next.

StartupU Episode 8: Disruption and liberty!

Oh shit, two weeks ‘til pitch day. Let’s start working on our companies...

A golden age of funding for media companies? Not quite

Don't be fooled by a few big headlines, the money going to content is still chump change compared to the broader landscape.

Startup U, Episode Seven: A glimmer of hope

Seven episodes in, I actually found something I genuinely like about this show.

Startup U, Episode Six: Survival week!

The students lost their shit pretty quickly when they were faced with… buying Caltrain tickets.

Oh no you Didi...

What yesterday's Lyft-Didi announcement was really about.

“We’ve all felt pain”: Inside Bradford Shellhammer’s journey to build the same company in a different way

“I’ve grown up a lot.” Bezar has 50% gross margins and an elevated aesthetic from the Fab days.

Good news! B rounds have doubled in value over five years!

Bad news. B rounds have doubled in value over five years.

Lawyer in Uber idea theft case slowly backs away from his client

Remember that weird Winkelvoss-aspirational lawsuit filed against Uber for idea theft? Yeah, some news on that.

Startup U, Episode Five: Zzzzzzzzzzzz

I was told by the producers of StartupU that this was the week that things would get “crazy.” It did not. 

More evidence that Snapchat needs to just kill Discover already

It's not the deca-corn's monetization answer and never has been.

Connecting people to healthcare without selling your soul [SPONSORED]

Love or hate the Affordable Care Act, it’s opened up a big opportunity connecting people to healthcare. And there are good ways and bad ways to do it.

Every question you’d like to ask an astronaut, answered

And now, something on the Internet we actually like.

Source: Xiaomi raising a new mega round of funding, passing Uber in valuation again

Pando has heard that Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is reportedly raising a new mega round of funding -- and if my source is accurate -- it’s passing Uber in valuation again.

Memo to Lyft: Just help people get around not, ahem, get around

I don’t want all my web services to be Tinder. (Or any of them, really)

Startup U, Episode Four: Do you even whiteboard, bra(h)?

StartupU: Where tough love, common sense, and mentoring go to die.

Battle of the non-demand food startups, round one: PlateJoy vs Blue Apron

I'm testing all of the non-demand food players. Round one did not go the way I expected… or wanted.

In the Valley, pre-seed is a meme. In New York, it’s a necessity

What happened to all that capital from past New York tech exits? It’s in bars and restaurants not new startups.

Ken Lerer: It’s a ludicrous situation... the country has been bullied by the NRA for so many years

The BuzzFeed chairman tells Pando that Republicans and Democrats are putting their own selfish views above what many of them believe in their hearts.

The truth about Uber in China

Uber dominates in the US but in China it's building a hugely expensive house of cards.

A good problem to have: Andy Dunn and Phil Libin talk about the difficult decision to fire themselves

"I fully intend to be alive in 100 years, but I will be a disembodied head in a robot spider body with laser beams and that may not be the best CEO.”

Startup U, Episode Three: You can't handle the truth

Why won't anyone on this show be honest about bad ideas?

Is Pre-seed the biggest new small thing in venture capital?

Pre-Seed is the new Seed. Seed is the new Series A. VCs are doing Bs and Cs. And mega-rounds are IPOs.

Do SpoonRocket and GoodEggs signal the beginning of the on demand food contraction?

Postmates looks better than rivals in terms of city and funding spent per city.


Twitter's Mr Nice Guy might be the biggest victim of the company's chaos.

Shuddle announces a new kid carpooling service for all the right reasons

Will the push for a more responsible business model keep the growth hackers at bay?

WeChat blocks Uber. And this is only the beginning.

Didi Kuaidi is using Uber’s playbook... against Uber.

Reid Hoffman and David Sze on the single biggest factor that’s made Airbnb and Facebook so successful

And why they would have missed both investments if Greylock worked like most VC firms.

Watch out (again) Uber! Didi invests in GrabTaxi as part of a $350 million round

The international coalition to beat Uber at its own game just got more incestuous. And way more interesting.

Uber and Airbnb are raiding public companies for talent. Has Google learned its lesson after Techtopus?

The last time Google felt threatened by startups, it formed the largest wage theft conspiracy Silicon Valley has ever seen.

Lessons from the startup graveyard

The startup grim reaper is time. Money buys you time; burn rate takes it away.

Does honesty matter when you're building a company?

Is it “wrong” for a founder whose company is teetering on insolvency to hide that fact from investors and employees?

“Gross, fratty, bro stuff is a great way to put yourself in a brand ghetto”

The new men’s site from the Bleacher Report mafia aims to be different from Bleacher, and Bustle.

“Video is an unfair advantage you either join or lose” [SPONSORED]

Magisto on what a startup should do when it’s in a space that just explodes.

Snapchat should kill Discover and go all in on Stories

How Snapchat can finally be the social network that builds a big business out of intimacy (No, not that kind of intimacy, perv.)

Join us TODAY for a live Pando webinar on "good problems to have"

Featuring Andy Dunn of Bonobos, Phil Libin of Evernote, Andy McLoughlin of Huddle... and me.

Worried all the way to the bank

VC confidence declines as their returns increase. Here’s why both make sense.

Jack Dorsey's Fail Whale: Twitter hits a new stock low

Turns out Chris Sacca makes a lousy Carl Icahn.

Your bad day could be the end of my world

Child-safe companies are only as strong as their weakest worker.

Facebook should leave video right where it is

A spin-out worked for messenger, but that doesn’t mean Facebook should create a new YouTube

Facebook Messenger: The cheapest, quickest way Zuckerberg has ever “acquired” 700 million users

How is a tiny team lead by a former payments dude on pace to overtake Whatsapp?

Tap it back: What the financial press doesn't get about SoulCycle's IPO

Pundits are describing SoulCycle as a “fitness chain” but that utterly misses the point of why people pay $30 for 45 minutes in a dark room.

We’re gonna need a bigger round...

After 15 years of staggering declines, the cost of building a company in San Francisco is rising sharply.

“It’s been painful”: Behind the “cries and shouts” that forced Intuit open [SPONSORED]

The mobile cloud is the biggest threat and opportunity QuickBooks has seen in years.

The only Uber of anything is Uber

Which other companies are at risk of going the way of HomeJoy?

The real lesson from Google+: Even Google can’t brute-force a social network

Mapping the ocean? Building a self-driving car? A computer you can wear on your face? Re-wiring fiber in cities? All easier than forcing people where and when to be friends.

Why most of the Valley was plain wrong about Asia (To the tune of some $15b)

Nothing in the emerging world is going to pattern-match the US— including venture capital.

What to do when you have “A Good Problem to Have”

Coming soon: A Pando webinar with Andy Dunn, Phil Libin and Andy McLoughlin.

Congrats on your independence, PayPal! (I give it two years)

An asset so nice, I bet it's acquired twice.

Was the second quarter of 2015 finally peak mega-round?

The Valley is running out of companies that can raise $500m… at least for another quarter or two

Fifteen years after it was promised, the golden age of video has begun

But monetizing it remains a gigantic clusterf*ck.

The only stat about unicorns that should worry Silicon Valley

And why it will almost certainly get worse.

The two trials of Ellen Pao

Twice in the course of a year, Ellen Pao has become central to a story of sexism in tech. But the stories weren't the same.

Are we alone in the universe? Yuri Milner pledges $100m to find out

Russian billionaire will spend whatever it costs to answer the biggest question.

Watch out Uber: SoftBank is a far tougher international competitor than the Samwer Brothers

Formidable SoftBank has invested more than $5 billion in any mega Asian Uber competitor it can find.

Does Reddit's chaos prove that Digg never had a chance?

Between the implosion of Digg and unwinnable war at Reddit, maybe bulletin boards just don’t become big businesses.

"This isn’t a moral judgment. You may or may not like the deal... It’s not a fairness question"

Watch August Capital’s David Hornik go apeshit on his fellow VCs at Pandoland.

The frustrating, no-win "Goldilocks Zone" of seed deals

Don’t do party rounds. Raise as much as you possibly can so you don’t get crunched. Don’t raise money from just seed funds... And much more confusing advice for first-timers.

Memo to VCs: Not every site with gargantuan traffic is destined to be a billion dollar public company

Reddit was one of the best comeback stories of the user generated Web. Why couldn’t that be enough?

Let’s face it: Uber IS the sharing economy

In money, valuation, media, customer counts, and lobbying efforts, Uber has out-spent, out-schemed, and out-dominated everyone, forever twisting what “sharing” means in Silicon Valley.

“If there are more than two VCs who are bald in this room we are toast”

War stories from the “most underrated” company in Chris Sacca's and Jeremy Liew's portfolio.

Facebook has made changes to its real name policy. But it hasn't convinced users it cares

What Mark Zuckerberg should have said about Facebook's real name policy-- and when he should have said it.

Willie Nelson is your new entrepreneurial hero

Nelson's new autobiography is packed with lessons for startup founders, not just those working in the music industry.

At Pandoland, Ruxin and Sippey debate three big trends in online music and video

Netflix's success in developing original series, Apple's entry into music, and publishers finally caving to the Newsfeed.

What Bradford Shellhammer learned from Fab's failure, and how he feels about it now

On stage at Pandoland, I asked him about that and his "founder breakup" with Jason Goldberg.

With Palantir's $20B valuation, how does Peter Thiel stack up against the rest of the PayPal mafia?

They can invest, sure, but how have they done as second (or third) act company founders?

The three qualities that helped a small coffee company raise $70m

The story of how James Freeman and Blue Bottle went from quirky San Francisco brand to scalable, venture-backed business might not be a guaranteed roadmap, but it is repeatable.

"The sooner we face that the United States is a Latin American country the better for all of us"

Jose Antonio Vargas: "The country is going to get more Asian and more Latino. That's just a fact."

We know how to help tech's gender problem, and it's actually happening

The Valley gets serious about women-helping-women, and rooting out unconscious bias.