Paul Bradley Carr
Paul Bradley Carr

The Assholistocracy

In both Britain and America, the levers of power are now in the hands of men (mostly men) who, when faced with anything resembling a moral decision, appear to ask themselves only one question: What would a total fucking asshole do?

Engineers are fixing Silicon Valley

If the past decade gave us the “cult of the founder” – where investors, users and employees, were forced to bend to the whims of the Kalanicks and Dorseys no matter how much evil they did – perhaps the next decade will be remembered for the resurgence and reiteration of the cult of the engineers.

"The line"

I finally got my green card. Here's what I couldn't say about US immigration until now.

Sam Altman: I should have the freedom to say stupid shit, you should have the freedom to applaud

Not since Edward Snowden moved to Russia to protest American spying have hypocrisy and delusion been joined in such happy matrimony.

Masterclass: My new favourite fucked company

It's Khan Academy for price-insensitive dilettantes. Like me!

He's back!

Michael Arrington has chosen this of all moments to loudly re-enter the public eye.

Karma to Pishevar: You've been Sherved

How dare anyone (except Shervin Pishevar) claim that Shervin Pishevar is tight with Putin.

Facebook will be regulated, just maybe not by America

Zuckerberg's arrogance is giving European lawmakers all the excuse they need.

Twitter's rock bottom

As a former addict with some experience in this field, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the glaringly obvious.

Faces of Silicon Valley

After eight years of sobriety, it's impossible to miss the similarities between my former addiction problem and that of the tech industry.

Goodbye rich powerful old gatekeepers, hello richer powerful new ones

In a world "without gatekeepers" it has become significantly cheaper and easier to shut down an entire publication, not just a single story.

Jack and Biz don't want to fix Twitter

No amount of protest will be enough to change who Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone are, or how little they care about the plight of their users.

Jack Dorsey's character limit

Twitter - a texting toy founded by three milquetoasts who couldn’t disrupt a dinner party with an airhorn - has turned out to be the most dangerous tech company on the planet.

London regulators find Uber "not fit and proper": A most damningly British indictment

Five whole levels worse than “not up to snuff”, two higher than “acting like a bunch of tossers”

Abusing Ourselves To Death

It’s tantalizing to wonder what Neil Postman would have made of the age of Social Media trolling as politics.

Now look at what they made us do

By accident or design, Taylor Swift has captured America's political climate in a single catchy lyric.

Learning to escape: Pando goes to Magic LIVE (Part Two)

In Trump’s America, the acquisition of knowledge as a way to bring yourself closer to your fellow man isn’t just an act of love, but of resistance.

Silicon Valley, Donald Trump, "Joe & The Juice" and self-censorship as subversion

In Trump’s America, the only language that is truly subversive is good language.

America's next growth industry: Disconnectedness

The luxury of a toothbrush without Bluetooth.


Uber executives reportedly obtained and distributed the medical records of a rape victim with the aim of discrediting her.

Ideas for other people: The Idiots' Review of Books

The literary magazine for the rest of us.

Not torn apart

What has and hasn’t changed between July 2005 and May 2017. On the Internet, in Britain, and beyond.

The Beat

Did you see Trump fired Comey? Did you see Trump gave secret intel to the Russians? Did you see Trump told Comey to stop investigating Flynn? Did you see they’ve appointed a special counsel? Did you see Trump called the investigation the biggest witch hunt in American history?

The Quitter, Week One: The happiest lot on earth

Farewell to Silicon Valley – to Facebook, Google, Twitter and most of all to Uber – and a hello to Napa Valley whose riches still come almost entirely from the soil.

Quitting the Silicon Valley Swamp

The professional quitter learns to listen to his gut.

"We can do better"

Here’s a good rule of thumb: If the New York Times reporting on what your business does -- not something bad it did, just the actual thing it does to make money -- triggers a wave of outrage from users, then your business is horrible.

Rachel Whetstone leaves Uber because of “lack of appetite for... drama” (LOL)

Rachel Whetstone hates drama like David Mamet hates drama, like Shakespeare hates drama, like Ru Paul performing Tom Stoppard at an all-girls high school hates drama.

Life is Beautiful, everything else is expensive

Downtown Project economic report shows what happens when you take $350m to Vegas.

Still the luckiest generation

Lessons from my return to reality.

British tabloids have declared war on tech

As always, truth is the first casualty.

Flight risk

The farcical reality of transatlantic travel post-Trump.

Elon Musk gets his thank you gift for staying loyal to Donald Trump

Donald Trump has taken all the fun out of being right.

Travis Kalanick to step down as Uber CEO? Sure, ok, I'll bite...

Predicting how Travis Kalanick will respond to Uber's towering pile of disasters is like predicting what could happen if a wild goose suddenly found itself locked overnight in a mortuary.

British MPs scream pointlessly (for now) at Silicon Valley patsies

But Facebook et al shouldn't ignore growing European frustration in the age of Trump.

The Irredeemable Silicon Valley

Five years ago I wished the tech industry would get interesting again. That'll teach me.

The Come to Satan Podcast: Sarah and Paul on Travis Kalanick vs Donald Trump

This week, we debate the similarities between Travis Kalanick and the President.

The personal cowardice of Jack Dorsey

At this point, there's no other explanation.

Come To Satan, Episode III: Cambridge Analytica and Nigel Farage

...and Donald Trump, Robert Mercer and Facebook.

The Hyperbole Hyperloophole

With all the hubbub about 9th Circuit Judges and Ivanka Trump clothing lines, you might have missed yesterday’s truly exciting news: Brogan BamBrogan is Brogan BamBack!

Come To Satan: Episode One

I'm joined by Sarah (fresh back from the DC Women's March) to discuss what the hell has happened to Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg and why Facebook suddenly seems to have gone all-in on Trump.

Now is the time, @Jack

Not banning Trump from Twitter sooner will be Jack Dorsey's biggest regret. (And here's how he could do it now.)

New dystopian hellscape, New you

Our long national nightmare is beginning. So what now?

Needed: Angry 20 something and hands-off billionaire to build the media company the universe really needs

How is it possible there are billion bot startups, but no one has built a better Onion?

We stand with TechDirt, and so should you

There are very few opportunities in Silicon Valley to take a stand on an issue that’s so important that it’s enshrined in the constitution, where there’s so clearly a good guy and a bad guy, and where the consequences of staying silent are so clearly horrible.

Thiel confirms Palantir will not help build Trump's Muslim database all the other highlights from his insane New York Times interview.

Worried about Facebook's coziness with Trump? Watch what Alex Stamos does next

Based on past performance, Facebook's Chief Security Officer is the canary in Zuckerberg's coal mine.

In Praise of Things That Just Work: Goodreads

If I have to give my time and data to a social network owned by megalomaniacal billionaire it might as well be one that nourishes my soul.

Happy New Year! Unless you work at an ad-funded news outlet (in which case, I'm sorry for your loss)

2017 will be a good year for subscription businesses and anyone who figures out how to channel frothing anger into direct action. For everyone else: Maybe consider a sabbatical?

Silicon Valley has fallen

For the rest of us the choice is between normalization and radicalization.

Trump's tech meeting: The only winning move is not to attend

Donald Trump and Peter Thiel can humiliate a room like nobody else on earth.

Twitter says it won't help build Trump's Muslim database. But what about this guy?

Will Peter Thiel's Palantir help Trump be a more efficient fascist? Let's ask them!

Valley's "Come to Satan" moment with Trump is happening even faster than I feared

Trump is still a month away from inauguration and already the human centipede is forming.

Will David Sacks be the Valley exec who gives others an excuse to join Team Trump?

Sacks could be the tipping point that prompts a whole host of Valley semi-deplorables to dive into the swamp.

Twitter, Facebook et al say they obey "local laws". So what happens when Trump orders them to censor?

Zuckerberg, Dorsey and co have less than two months to decide whose side they’re on.

Why has Facebook changed its mind on fake news? Thank the Germans

The only European government that Facebook gives a damn about has fired a warning shot.

Facebook's deepening moral and ethical hole is great news for some

Here are just a few other tech players who owe Zuck a huge debt of gratitude right now.

Facebook needs to stop hiding behind data and hire a damn public editor

The data might say “hold your nerve, this too will pass” but karma is screaming “she cannae take much more of this cap’n”.

Silicon Valley's "come to Satan" moment

The only things worse than Silicon Valley's refusal to respond to Trump's hate before he was elected is what they're doing now.

NSFWLIVE: Live election show, parts one and two [updated!]

Given nobody cares about anything except the election, we're doing something different on Pando today.

In praise of things that just work: Armageddon Eve edition

On today of all days, it’s nice to be reminded that there are places on the Internet you can visit and come away happier than you went in. Murfie is one of those places.

Trump's awfulness makes even the worst Tech Bros look slightly less bad

While the rest of us can’t wait for the 2016 election to be over, there’s one group that is surely wishing it could last for another six months or more.

The UK was Uber's oasis in Europe. Not any more

Court ruling means 40,000+ "partners" are now employees.

It's official: Techtopus has made it all the way to the White House

The White House's Council of Economic Advisors explains why Silicon Valley wage fixing is so damaging to workers, and the economy.

Dreamworks offers $50m settlement in wage-fixing case prompted by Pando reporting

If Dreamworks’ next movie looks a little lower budget than normal, you can blame Mark Ames. His reporting for Pando on the Hollywood studio’s wage fixing just cost the company $50m.

Live from Las Vegas: Attorney Dayvid Figler talks election rigging and Trump's weird hotel

The mood on the ground in Las Vegas, the mystery that is "TRUMP Hotel, Las Vegas," and the very real risk of voter intimidation by Trump voters on election day.

People like Ron Conway have always had the money and power. Now they have the votes too

Shifting SF demographics means less opposition to tech moguls' ballot initiatives.

Twitter and the GOP: Willing victims of the same orange arsonist

What do you get when you elevate Trump? / A cesspool of hate, and your stock in a slump.

This week's lesson: Keep your company's awfulness in a detachable silo

For anyone wondering if karma is real, the past week has offered plenty of supporting evidence.

Will Peter Thiel now sue Donald Trump out of existence too?

As if Trump weren't disgusting enough already, he has now apparently decided to take Gawker's place as the country's "sex tape as public interest" champion.

NSFWLIVE: The special PRE-debate episode

Leigh Cowart joins me live from Asheville, North Carolina to talk about her recent visit to a Donald Trump rally and also to offer her predictions for the debate (including one involving Hillary transforming into a lizard.)

NSFWLIVE: The special POST-debate episode

It's time for our post-debate coverage where I'm joined by Sarah Lacy and James Aylett to discuss everything that transpired on the presidential debate stage last evening.

Oculus founder reportedly using his Facebook millions to fund anti-Hillary troll group

Between Palmer Luckey and Peter Thiel, the river of Facebook cash supporting Trump grows ever deeper.

Former WeWork employee asks Governor to ban startups from denying employees right to sue

"We have forgotten a fundamental purpose of government: To protect the rights of the people."

Facebook has lost its mind

Unless you are Mark Zuckerberg or any of Facebook's other senior executives, you don't need me to tell you that the image above-- Nick Ut's "The Terror of War," known poularly as "the Napalm girl" -- is one of the most iconic and important war photographs ever published.

Despot, can you spare a dime?

Why did Hyperloop One whoosh past major Valley investors and go straight to the most murderous regimes on earth?

Latest (Not)NSFWLIVE episode: Mark Ames on the "Russian" DNC hacks, the death of Gawker and more

I've been remiss in failing to upload the latest episode of The Podcast Formerly Known As NSFWLIVE. Which is a shame because this is one of my favourites to date.

Why Twitter is fucked

If Jim Weber can be banned, or unbanned, so can anyone.

Tech reporters: The death of Gawker is not an excuse

Thanks to Peter Thiel’s grotesque vendetta against Gawker, is it really now TOO DANGEROUS to rake muck in Silicon Valley?

TSFKAMSFWLIVE: Reasonable Doubtfire

In the latest episode of my US Presidential Election podcast, I'm joined from Las Vegas by capital defense attorney (and Pando contributor) Dayvid Figler.

In death, where is the Gawker for Gawkering Gawker?

Nick Denton reportedly hid away $12.8m for a rainy day. Gawker's fearless army of snarkers united in silence.

Facebook's awfulness as a blog platform: Your responses

Earlier this week I shared my concerns about Facebook as a blogging platform.

Burn bright, fade fast: The many risks of blogging on Facebook

Facebook could ban you at any time, for any thing. So why trust it with your content?

Where are all the email publishing startups?

I get that I’m old. And increasingly so. But so are lots of people.

Breeze: The scamming startup that just won't quit

Of course now they've partnered with Uber.

Silicon Valley hates Donald Trump all the way to the bank

We're mad as hell and we're going to keep taking this, plenty more!

New drunk driving research shows Uber's claim of reducing DUIs is false

Even the company's common sense claims aren't true. That's pretty impressive.

From the archive: The Neocon, The Messiah, and Cory Booker

Yasha Levine: There’s one unconventional side to Booker’s progressivism that has received much less recognition.

NY Magazine survey shows journalists positive about the digital age (except Facebook)

"Creates silos in which people only see news that already conforms to their worldview."

Uber faces first UK legal test over drivers as employers

“The case of the year in UK employment law.”

Denton denied last minute reprieve, now faces bankruptcy (just as Peter Thiel prepares to speak to RNC)

Thiel might look out over the RNC crowd, pausing just a second longer on the Florida delegation, and consider himself amongst friends.

One of Peter Thiel's portfolio CEOs just spent almost $200k on a full page anti-Trump ad in the Times

I guess we have to forgive Josh Tetrick for the weirdo eggs-without-eggs stuff now.

Black Phone manufacturer raises $50m to get out of the red

Announcement follows lawsuit by manufacturing partner.

In Britain, the lunatics are now in charge of the data asylum

A good-news-bad-news day for anyone concerned about government’s ability to access personal data held by global tech companies.

Mom sues after teen discovers "sexually offensive content" on Snapchat of all places

Was "horrified and shocked" that sex was being promoted on the app founded by Evan Spiegel.

TSFKANSFWLIVE: David Forbes, live from the battlefield of North Carolina

In just less than an hour we manage to debate the appeal of Bernie Sanders and lack of appeal of Hillary Clinton, the naked bigotry of Donald Trump and his Republican backers, the Brexit, the Secret Service and even Tony Blair and God.

In New Zealand, Uber goes back to old-skool scofflawing (bless them)

What with Uber now getting into bed with Russian oligarchs and the Saudi government, it's almost refreshing to see the company getting back to its petty lawbreaking roots.

UK tech company denies involvement in legal challenge to Brexit

Other possible candidates include Microsoft and HP.

Silent Circle: “The reports of [our] death have been greatly exaggerated.”

'Is the super-secure Blackphone about to go dark? The short answer is "No".'

An undignified Brexit

In this week's episode of the podcast formerly known as NSFWLIVE, James Aylett joins me live from London to talk about the end of the world. Or, as they call it over there, "Brexit..."

A dignified Brexit

Here they are, my five reasons why Brexit is a good thing.

A dumbphone for 2016

My quest to find the perfect dumbphone continues.

Ideas for other people: The Kill Fee

A possibly good idea I don't have time to execute.

Quick ask: Could all Pando investors please stop supporting vile despots?

Vlad and Sherv sittin' in a tree / Are you fucking kidding me?

Uber agrees to pay $7.5m to settle background check suit (Sorry again, Uber passengers!)

More proof that, in corporate America, justice belongs to the side with the most billions.

Uber execs in court on two continents

Looking for a job that pays astonishingly well and allows you to spend a lot of time in courtrooms? Here's an idea: international Uber executive.

This week on the formerly known as NSFWCORP podcast: Mark Ames on Sanders, Trump and more

In this week's show, Mark Ames joins me from New York to talk about TOR's latest drama, Gawker's woes and, eventually, the election.

The Cap Table of Evil

How does the evilness of Uber's new Saudi backers compare with, say, the evilness of the company’s previous Russian oligarch investors?

Silicon Valley speaks plenty

Jessica Lessin speaks up for poor old Peter Thiel and Facebook (without mentioning that Mark Zuckerberg made her family rich.)

Jack Dorsey finally nails it

Turns out Twitter has been doing everything backwards.

In a shocking development that nobody can possibly explain, Steve Hilton suddenly thinks the EU is terrible

Completely unrelated: Steve Hilton's wife recently became head of public policy at Uber.

Peter Thiel's secret attack on Gawker is even worse than his support for Donald Trump

Gawker may be vile, but that's all the more reason its critics shouldn't hide behind proxies.

It's all fake! Nick Denton thinks Hulk Hogan might have a secret Silicon Valley backer

Denton sees our conspiracy theory and raises an even more amazing one of his own.

Pando caption contest! We have a winner!

I'm delighted to say we received dozens of entires -- some funny, some obscene and others just plum nuts.

TSFKA-NSFWLIVE: Sanders chair throwers, British Brexiters and more...

We've reached the chair throwing stage of the Democratic primaries, so what better time for another episode of the Show Formerly Known As NSFWLIVE?

Oh goody! Now Uber wants to sell you a payday loan

There's no possible way this could be a bad thing for drivers.

TSFKA-NSFWLIVE: Donald Trump and Peter Thiel edition

It's time for another episode of the show formerly known as NSFWLIVE!

Obama: Technology has made us more confident in our ignorance

All the intelligence in the world can't help you if you don't care about facts.

Magic Johnson quits Square because he doesn't think it's right not to give his full attention

Submitted his resignation letter to Square's part-time CEO earlier this week.

Caption competition!

Best suggestion by Monday (as chosen by me and Sarah) wins twelve free months of Pando subscription.

Uber suspends ridesharing service in Sweden

Another day, another European country bans Uber Pop.

In praise of things that (almost) just work: Rinse

There are certain things that are already easy for an adult and don’t require technology to make them more so.

Peter Thiel can't intellectualize his way out of this: Only an asshole would support Donald Trump

He is providing an intellectual figleaf to one of the most avowedly anti-intellectual and unqualified presidential nominees of all time.

Sony settles with animation workers in latest Tectopus twist

Part of the settlement requires they hand over evidence to strengthen case against Disney and Dreamworks.

London elects a new anti-Uber mayor

The climate for Uber might be about to change in their strongest European market.

NSFWLIVE: Indiana primaries edition

In the second of this week's two episodes of NSFWLIVE, I'm joined from New York by Mark Ames.

Nick Bilton has got to be kidding you

Vanity Fair's new tech columnist is angry at all the reporters who gave Theranos an easy ride. Except one.

NSFWLIVE: The Broadcasting Board of Guv'nors

Is there anywhere in the English speaking world that isn't completely racist?

It took Arianna Huffington three whole days to stop adding disclosures to Uber stories

That's four less than it took the videotape in The Ring to kill people.

In praise of things that just work

I spend a lot of time writing about things that don’t work as they should. It’s refreshing to find something that does.

Cloudflare launches HTTP/2 Server Push for all customers

Hopes to save 10,000 years of time every day.

Guy Vidra's resignation hammers final nail into Chris Hughes' era of New Republic

There are some things that the cool Internet kids just need to leave the fuck alone.

Crunchfund's sad mic drop

A lesson for anyone considering quitting journalism for venture capital.

Uber drops its "casserole from the back of a Buick" service in New York

Hard to imagine why it failed after such a smooth launch.

NSFWLIVE: Brexit through the gift shop

I'm joined by James Aylett in London to talk about Britain's impending (possible) exit from the European Union.

How to get away with Martha

Is this really what Jack Dorsey means by "diversity"?

Here they are! The last two videos from the lost Don't Be Awful archive

David Holmes interviews Cain Ramirez and Ayelet Baron.

NSFWLIVE: The fall and fall of Donald Trump

In this week's episode of NSFWLIVE, I'm joined by Pando's very own Sarah Lacy to talk about everything we missed on our week off.

Don't Be Awful, The Lost Tapes: Jay Simons

Atlassian president Jay Simons explains how Pledge 1% could channel billions of dollars into philanthropic causes.

Former employee: Omidyar spiked my Mossack Fonseca story and then demanded my money

No word on whether Omidyar also steals his reporters’ lunch money.

Cloudflare claims 94% of all Tor traffic is malicious

Also blames Tor for 6.5 trillion pieces of spam.

Google promises not to Google potential jurors in its own trial

Does it bother you that Google knows pretty much everything about you? Your hopes, your fears, your dreams and, of course, your fetishes? Then I have some good news. challenges Republicans on immigration: Do you really think Latinos are all rapists?

Tech-backed immigration group produces anti- Trump and Cruz ad.

Five years ago, Trump's rallies were even more insane

The Chinese government are "motherfuckers" and we gotta "go into Libya and take the oil."

Not so broke Glass: Disgraced reporter has repaid $200,000 to publications he scammed

Apparently there's a lot more money in being a former reporter than a current one.

NSFWLIVE: Bernie, Donald and real Easter eggs

As Bernie sweeps three states and Trump continues to find new moral lows, We're joined from London by James Aylett to discuss proper Easter eggs and the end of the world.

According to SEC filings, Tellspec's $1.5m funding round actually only raised $25k

Remarkably, something about Tellspec turns out not to be true.

What if it's not Gawker writing the check?

Gawker says the $115m+ verdict will bankrupt the company. But will Viktor Vekselberg really let that happen?

Will Uber's huge $11bn Daimler order help the company's reputation amongst Euro lawmakers?

The company is lobbying hard inside the EU to have laws changed to allow it to operate freely in major European markets.

NSFWLIVE: Trump and Clinton, FTW

David Forbes joins me to discuss Super Tuesday III and the reasons why local voters chose Trump and Clinton over Sanders and Cruz, Rubio et al.

Henry Blodget finally turns on Trump

Only took actual physical violence.

What stories did you cover during March 2016, Granddaddy?

Granddaddy, You were a journalist in March 2016, right? Why yes honey, I was.

Don't Be Awful, The Lost Tapes: Tim O'Reilly on building institutions not just startups

O'Reilly talks to Sarah Lacy at our Don't Be Awful event last year.

Here’s Techtopus plaintiff Michael Devine talking about taking on Apple, Googe et al

Should have uploaded this a year ago. But better late than never!

NSFWLIVE: Super Tuesday, Part I

Chris Goscinski talks about his state's response to Chris Christie and gives us an update on his own Presidential ambitions.

Destroying ourselves to death

With Super Tuesday underway, perhaps this would be a good time to ask the web’s news editors a serious question.

Let's not forget Donald Trump's yuge success as a tech entrepreneur

He's too modest to say anything himself, of course.

Rubio and Cruz join forces to stop the evil of Net Neutrality

One step closer to corporate control of what we see, and how we see it. Or as certain Republicans call it: Freedom.

At what point is the convenience of technology outweighed by the constant stress?

Connected technology was supposed to make our lives easier. It has. Just not less stressful.

Welcome to the new McCarthyism, and the UnAmerican Tweets Committee

Yet another reason why I'm glad I quit social media.

Uber says it "hadn't gotten around" to investigating complaints that driver Jason Dalton was dangerous

Insists there was no way they could have known he was a risk to others, despite passenger complaining he was a risk to others.

Is Marc Andreessen ever coming back to social media?

Also, apparently our single biggest investor just blocked us on Twitter.

NSFWLIVE is back! In Episode Three, we're live from Nevada

Nevada, South Carolina, Bernie Bro babies and more.

How to get away with temporarily inflating the price of your Twitter stock

"Let me help you. Let me help you. Because if you do, I promise you will get away with this."

Healbe GoBe device is finally on sale! And the reviews are in!

So do we owe Indiegogo's Slava Rubin an apology? What do you think?

Google launches "Jigsaw," headed by former State Department official, to "tackle geopolitical challenges"

Still, at least the name JIGSAW doesn't sound exactly like a leaked NSA program.

Florida court upholds complaint from similarly named company that Uber is ruining its good name

"A strong negative connotation between the term ‘Uber’ and transportation services..."

Judge accepts final settlement in Zynga shareholder class action

Finally some good news for Zynga shareholders! (Not really.)

NSFWLIVE: Why are young Americans suddenly happy to call themselves socialists?

I'm joined by James Aylett, Mark Ames, Sarah Lacy to debate Sanders and Trump's victories in New Hampshire and why young Americans are suddenly fine identifying as socialist.

Silicon Valley's 'best angel investor' declares "Ted Cruz is one of us." How exactly?

Is the Valley really anti- net neutrality, anti women, anti gay, anti minimum wage and affordable healthcare, anti immigration, but pro guns and big oil? Scott Banister seems to think so.

Uber drivers' Super Bowl strike was a bust

Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Uber's head of design and brand announces he's leaving the company, hours after widely-mocked unveiling of new brand

Andrew Crow's name was conspicuously absent from gushing Wired article about brand relaunch.

The Verge sued for trademark theft by site you’ve never heard of, also called The Verge

They’re going to be so sorry when they find out who Nilay Patel is.

Uber reminds staff not to put its new logo on dartboards or in the toilet

If you have to remind people of that, you have the kind problems a new logo definitely won't fix.

Wealth manager asks us to delete story about MeUndies founder going to federal prison

Surely by now Jonathan Shokrian has learned the importance of entrusting his clean-up work to people who know what they're doing.

NSFWLIVE is back! In Episode One we discuss the Iowa Caucuses

In episode one, Paul is joined by James Aylett and Mark Ames to discuss the results of the Iowa Caucuses.

Thanks to you, NSFWCORP is coming back (briefly!) to cover the end of the world

Patreon campaign sails past its launch target. Episode one of NSFWLIVE tapes tonight, in time for Iowa.

Tesla's Arnnon Geshuri forced to quit Wikimedia board over involvement in Techtopus scandal

Citing Pando reporting, editors passed overwhelming vote of no confidence. Other board members plead ignorance of Geshuri's career.

"Tinder adds an STD Locator"

Well, this is a game changer.

Sidecar, the Onion... who's next in weird 2016 deals?

Oh, techpocalypse. It’s going to be that kind of year.

Delivering Hopelessness: 38% of Zappos' key tech team has quit thanks to Holacracy

How long before Amazon loses patience with Tony Hsieh’s disastrous, and egotistical, experiment?

The cab industry would like to make clear it hates female journalists just as much as Uber does

A reminder that ridesharing companies don't have the monopoly on creepy drivers and victim shaming.

Chris Hughes in 2013: Media church and state is anachronistic

As Hughes announces he's selling the New Republic, rewatch his Pandomonthly interview.


"A game changer."

We might be about to learn even more about how tech and animation kingpins conspired to steal wages from employees

Animation workers have apparently succeeded in obtaining unredacted documents from Techtopus suit.

Uber starts the year with yet another high profile political hire

Will 2016 be the year when the press will finally start connecting the dots?

This BlazeNow retraction is a textbook example of "ask for forgiveness, not permission"

You might think if you were planning to send out a press release announcing that a former MLB executive was joining your cannabis tech company, you'd... uh... check with the exec first. In the case of LA-based "BlazeNow," you'd be quite wrong...

Hassle CEO admits to misleading UK parliamentary committee in bizarre rant about Uber and Pando

Sitting alongside an Uber exec, Alex Depledge defends the ridesharing company against "inflammatory," "gossip blog" Pando. Later admits nothing she said was true.

It's probably a good sign when your startup gets name-checked on a TV drama

A fun indicator that an app or startup is legitimately gaining traction is when it’s mentioned in a network TV drama.

No one is telling you the real story behind Uber’s latest layoffs

Rachel Whetstone just hired David Plouffe’s former political rival and not one single tech journalist thought that was worth mentioning.

Yeah, social media is toxic. So quit.

No really. Just stop looking at it.

Petition to ban Trump from the UK crashes parliament’s website

Campaign to ban Trump from Britain is about to become the most popular petition ever on the official platform.

Tube terror attacker revealed to be an Uber driver, London cabbies go predictably apeshit

"The guy involved had serious mental health issues and yet he was still licensed as an Uber driver.”

Hillary Clinton calls on Silicon Valley leaders to fight ISIS. But why stop there?

Wouldn't the world be a better place if the job of government was done instead by the tech bros of Silicon Valley?

Zenefits makes "one-time offer" of cash to former employees, if they promise not to sue over PTO

"If you choose not to take advantage of this offer, Zenefits may contest any and all claims that may arise in the future related to this matter."

Lawsuit alleges Uber unlawfully bombarded New Yorkers with political robocalls

"It’s Molly with Uber, and we need your help... Mayor de Blasio is trying to bring the bad old days back because his millionaire taxi donors are telling him to."

Oh boy. Gawker's male escort source sues Conde Nast exec for accusing him of a "shakedown"

Not satisfied with getting itself sued by story subjects, celebrities and even its own former employees, Gawker is now helping to get other people sued.

Why does Henry Blodget love Donald Trump?

As Trump’s rhetoric has become more vile, Blodget and Business Insider have firmly positioned themselves as the candidate’s media mouthpiece.

Listen to this week's War Nerd Wednesday podcast, with Gary Brecher and Mark Ames

It's time for the latest episode of Gary Brecher and Mark Ames' podcast: War Nerd Wednesdays!

Shocking no one, Tellspec drops its baseless DMCA claim against Pando’s document host

Also, quietly adds update to Indiegogo page, confirming they've indefinitely "suspended" shipping of their (unshipped) miracle device.

Match Group Chairman Greg Blatt lied to you on television and there’s nothing you can do about it

Match boss decides the best way to cover for an exec caught smearing a female journalist is to... smear another female journalist.

Tinder's Sean Rad: Paging Mr. Freud

One tech exec quoted threatening a female journalist after being wined and dined by a member of the Chipping Norton Set may be regarded as unfortunate. Two looks like carelessness.

In amazing tabloid interview, Tinder's CEO threatens to smear a female journalist and gets confused about sodomy

The seven most breathtaking quotes in Tinder CEO's interview with a British tabloid.

The Pando Patron membership giveaway starts... now!

Thanks to our wonderful Pando Patrons, we're giving away 50 free memberships a day for the next ten days.

"We aren't troubled by his hypocrisy": CrossFit wants Ron Conway's help to take on Big Soda

Chief Strategist Brian Mulvaney asks Pando to broker a meeting with Ron Conway in the hope of defeating Coke and Pepsi.

Listen to this week's War Nerd Wednesday podcast, with Gary Brecher and Mark Ames

It's time for the latest episode of Gary Brecher and Mark Ames' podcast.

Mark Cuban-backed Breeze uses fake ridesharing job ads to trick users into applying for car loans

As one user threatens to sue, company tells Pando that sleazy bait-and-switch was a “marketing experiment.”

Employee: ClearSlide CEO’s claim he didn’t know about ten hour workday is “a lie”

Tipsters tell Pando: Dustin Grosse was in the meeting when policy was discussed, and was asked about it directly. Company spokesperson declines to respond to claim.

Sorry, Eli! Crowdfunder no longer allows four year olds to register as accredited investors

Bad news for toddlers, good news for crowd investment platforms that want to avoid SEC investigations.

San Francisco's political "disruptors" make hypocrites of us all

With this election campaign, the continued use of the word, “disruption,” has shifted from jarring to just plain ludicrous.

Citing investor pressure, memo says ClearSlide employees should be working "at least" ten hours a day without overtime

CEO tells Pando the memo doesn't reflect any company policy, says he is "going to have a nice chat" with the sender.

Last gasp? As Tellspec is dropped from TEDMED speaker list, CEO files takedown notice against Pando

Things are fast unravelling at the disgraced food analysis company. But the worst may yet be to come.

Following Pando's reporting, pulls Tellspec's $1.5m fundraising campaign for its fraudulent food scanner

Tellspec’s CEO says investor deck and supporting materials are “not your business.” So here they are...

Surprising no one, founder of InternD escort site admits the whole thing was a scam

After insisting it was a "legal and ethical" recruiting service for sex workers, InternD "founder and COO" finally admits to Pando "It is a marketing experiment." Because somehow that's better.

Listen to this week's War Nerd Wednesday podcast, with Gary Brecher and Mark Ames

It's time for the latest episode of Gary Brecher and Mark Ames' podcast.

Delivering happy endings: Is the latest disruptive startup working out of Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project… an escort service?

InternD promises to train and pimp out the next generation of Las Vegas sex workers, never mind Nevada’s pesky sex trafficking laws.

Conway’s political advisor: It’s Ron’s constitutional responsibility to tell tech CEOs how to vote

Ron Conway's "political advisor" responds to Pando's reporting: Ron's only doing his patriotic duty.

Ron Conway emails his SF CEOs: Tell your employees to vote this way on election day

Koch-brother-level evil genius or well-meaning meddler? Whatever your view of Conway, this mass email he sent to portfolio CEOs will likely confirm it.

WTF? Facing backlash, Tellspec CEO now flatly denies she emailed, messaged or called Pando to threaten a lawsuit

Isabel Hoffmann says messages from her email and social accounts (and phone calls giving her name) were not from her. But denies she's been hacked.

Tellspec founder threatens to sue Pando unless we take down our (100% accurate) reporting on their (still not delivered) Indiegogo device

What do you do when your crowdfunding campaign ended two years ago and backers are still waiting for the miracle device? Threaten to sue journalists so they won’t tell anyone!

Jack Dorsey: Hair today...

Is anyone at Twitter worried by how un-worried Square seems to be that their CEO is going part-time?

Edward Snowden 2015 says #BlackLivesMatter, as 2009 Snowden rolls up his windows and locks the doors

Hero whistleblower wasn't always quite so opposed to racial profiling.

Indiegogo proudly continues to fight for, and profit from, the shady hardware projects others weed out

We've long covered Indiegogo’s stubborn unwillingness to halt even the most egregious hardware “campaigns." Judging by a new report from the BBC, nothing much has changed.

Uber hires former political spin-doctor as new UK comms chief

Uber has just announced the hiring of a new head of communications in the UK. His name is Alex Belardinelli and his appointment is interesting for several reasons.

Hillary Clinton wants to meet Silicon Valley families -- for just three grand per selfie

Team Clinton is having a “family celebration” at the home of YouTube’s CEO. And they want you to (pay tens of thousands of dollars) to come too!

Matthew Keys "faces" 25 years in prison like I "face" being eaten by an angry lion

By perpetuating the bullshit around "facing," journalists are helping prosecutors and treating their readers like idiots.

This seems like a good time to re-watch Henry Blodget's remarkable PandoMonthly interview

The Business Insider founder tells Sarah Lacy about his "colossal mistake" as a writer; his fall from Wall Street's graces and eventual redemption; and the merits of Business Insider's infamous slideshows.

Tech CEO's: Those secret service codenames in full

Hail to Space Cadet, Nobrow and Scoutmaster.

Hecklers cut from Travis Kalanick's frosty Colbert interview

Uber CEO's latest charm offensive tour hits another bump.

David Plouffe: Being caught threatening a journalist was "the most devastating thing imaginable" for Uber execs

Just one way in which Uber execs differ from me, you and everyone else who isn't a sociopath.

Pando prize winning microphone-in-a-dodgeball, Peeq launches crowdfunding campaign

A $30,000 “flex funding” campaign on Indiegogo launched four days ago and has already passed $11,000.

Someone really needs to disrupt the anti-brogrammer poster industry

What do we want? The feral careerism of your collegial banter kept on mute! When do we want it? As soon as we figure out what that actually means!

Lyft's ineffectual new billboard wants you to know: Lyft is exactly like Uber

Uber is finally facing serious competition in China. Here in San Francisco -- not so much.

Gawker files anti-SLAPP motion against Chuck Johnson

Imagine two of the meanest, dumbest, most disgusting people on earth were taking part in a bare-knuckle boxing match.

"Pre-seed" is now a thing. Unfortunately "Pre-Seed" was already another thing

Pre-seed: The only early-stage funding that "mimics your own fertile fluids."

Not looking good. Former Gawker interns file lackluster response to the company's latest legal motion

There's no doubt Gawker is a shitty company -- but absent some big new reveal from the plaintiffs it's hard to see how they win a meaningful settlement in this thing.

Pierre Omidyar's news site silent on spying scandal involving his partners at AT&T

Even by Omidyar’s conflicted standards, the silence over AT&T and FAIRVIEW is deafening.

Gawker claims former interns are too late to sue over pay, lawyers ask for summary judgment (Docs)

In new legal filings, Gawker claims only one intern filed in time, but they signed away their right to sue.


Zirtual's rosy sounding "acquisition" was really a fire sale in which hundreds of employees got burned and the founder might be gone.

Sources: Zirtual founders hid financial mess from investors. Next: Hasty acquisition deal to save jobs

Here’s what’s really going on at the imploded virtual assistant startup.

Leadership? As Jack Dorsey was buying $875k in Twitter stock, Evan Williams offloaded more than $10m

In less than six months, Evan Williams has cashed out over $61m in Twitter stock.

Did tech leaders know about impending campaign fraud indictments when they backed Rand Paul Super PAC?

Angellist's Naval Ravikant tells Pando: "I obviously didn't know about this or wouldn't have done it.... Serves me right for getting involved in politics."

The Room

Pacing the aisle, looking for those fucking marshmallows, I shared with Mike my best advice for weathering social media storms.

Uber driver boasts of trick to falsely trigger surge pricing

Drivers think they're scoring a point against Travis Kalanick when really they're just screwing passengers.

Gawker, Intercepted

Of course Gawker and First Look Media want to merge, and of course no one wants to talk about it.

The New Gawker: Business as usual for Nick Denton

The past few weeks prove Nick Denton remains what he has always been: An opportunist, a speculator, and a master showman.

Pandoland 2015: Country musician Annie Bosko shares the path to success in traditionally male-dominated industries

Says the situation for women in county music is “At an all-time low… It’s worse than it’s ever been.”

All that tech money flowing to presidential candidates is still largely imaginary

Latest figures show almost no one in Silicon Valley has written a damn check.

Feeding the crocodile: After years of appeasement, the media is suddenly outraged by Gawker

We’re going to… gulp... criticise Gawker? For real this time? Ok… if we all do it together, they can’t hurt us. Ready… one… two…

“I’m sad about the victims, right?” Pando goes to FreedomFest, Pt II

For at least some young voters, Uber doesn’t represent the bleeding edge of the cult of disruption, but a coddling, lily-livered first step.

Walking With Libertarians: Pando goes to FreedomFest, Pt I

Taking candy from a convicted felon at "the greatest libertarian show on earth."

Staff at Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project decided to abandon Holacracy nine months ago

Employees apparently used their Holacracy authority to rollback the untested, unworkable workplace experiment that Hsieh is now forcing on Zappos.

A Holacracy of Dunces

After betting $350m on his struggling Downtown Project, Tony Hsieh next big gamble is with the livelihood of a thousand or so Zappos employees.

Flagged for deletion: Why tech companies shouldn't ban racist flags

Don’t try to find a legal, or even logical, explanation for why Swastikas are verboten on Amazon but Jeff Bezos will gladly sell you a copy of Mein Kampf in hardback, paperback, or for your Kindle.

FBI refuses to hand Gawker the keys to its secret celebrity sex tape library

As press freedom cases go, there are plenty less icky than this one.

Look Who's Gawking: Inside Nick Denton's phony, hypocritical class war against tech workers

This all-new Valleywag was conceived during the Occupy protests, when Gawker’s editors discovered that stories about a class war were just catnip for pageviews. And most of the Wall Streeters were mere millionaires -- just imagine how much Gawker's hipster readers would hate billionaires. Or billionaire nerds!