Sarah Lacy and Paul Bradley Carr
Sarah Lacy and Paul Bradley Carr

Sarah Lacy is Editor in Chief and CEO of Pando. Paul Bradley Carr is Editorial Director of Pando.

State of Pando Update: Thank You!

The two days immediately following our decision to drop the paywall on big scandal stories were our best new subscriber days ever.

What shield law? Lawyers for Ebbu co-founder Michael Wendschuh tried to subpoena Pando writer's notes and sources

As regular readers will know, Pando has a longstanding policy of publishing any and all legal threats we receive, no matter how baseless or ridiculous.

Pando needs your support (now more than ever)

Your support has never been more important, and we have a favor to ask (some of you.)

It's a Christmas (/holiday/birthday/new year) miracle! Pando gift subscriptions are back!

What is the greatest gift of all? A baby’s laugh? A sunset? The feeling of fresh snow crunching under foot? Maybe...

Pando Patron update! Just four (update: three!) slots still available to support independent journalism

We’re well on track to sell out the Patron page, allowing us to continue speaking truth to the new power for another 12 months!

Pando memberships: One year on

Huzzah! It’s time for another “state of Pando” update.

Watch it again! The full eight hours of Pandoland Chicago

Yesterday's Pandoland event in Chicago was a huge success. While we're on a plane back to Chicago, re-watch the entire lifestream here.

Just one week to go until Pandoland Chicago! (A tiny number of last minute tickets still available)

Confirmed speakers include Dick Costolo, Margaret Atwood, Nancy Jo Sales, Max Levchin, Sam Yagan, Jason Hirschhorn, Matt Maloney and the Smashing Pumpkins' Jimmy Chamberlin...

Come to Pandoland Chicago as our guest

We have (just) 20 tickets to give away!

Here it is: Your official Pandoland Chicago hotel

A special rate for those traveling from out of town.

Pandoland 2016: Announcing even more speakers, and a low low ticket price!

Max Levchin, Dick Costolo, Margaret Atwood, Melanie Whelan, Matt Maloney. Anand Sandal, Brian Spaly and many more are coming to Chicago on June. Are you?

Drive for Uber or Lyft? Get a 100% free Pando membership right now

Uber and Lyft are cutting payments to drivers, so we're making it free for those drivers to read our coverage of the companies (and everything else.)

SoulCycle’s Melanie Whelan, Sequoia's Alfred Lin, and GrubHub’s Matt Maloney join the Pandoland 2016 line-up in Chicago

They join Dick Costolo, Margaret Atwood, and Max Levchin already confirmed. Get your discounted early ticket right now.

Happy New Year! Try a month of Pando membership, on us!

(Or $10 off an annual membership, if you prefer)

A Pando update: We're finally profitable -- but it hasn't been easy

Back in June, we launched our $10-a-month membership program. As we explained at the time, it’s critical -- now more than ever -- that there are more, not fewer, fully independent voices covering the tech industry.

Simply having a wonderful episode of PandoLIVE

In this not-at-all-seasonally themed episode, we discuss the politicization of Silicon Valley, with special attention paid to Uber's comms and policy shake-up. We also consider the good and the bad of "philanthrocapitalism," with special attention paid to Mark Zuckerberg and Pierre Omidyar.

Trump, Yahoo, Hillary, Twitter and more: Listen to this week's PandoLIVE!

On this week's PandoLIVE we discuss Henry Blodget's fast fading fandom of Donald Trump, Jack Dorsey's latest trick to make you engage with Twitter "Moments," whether Hillary Clinton really is a #girlboss and more. Listen to the whole episode below:

We're back! Listen to this week's PandoLive

In this week's show, we discuss Hillary Clinton's surprise appearance on Quora, Henry Blodget's alarming support of Donald Trump and the nuances of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme.

Announcing Pando gift memberships!

Give the gift of independent journalism.

Listen again to the Pando Patron-a-Thon: Part III

With special guests Yasha Levine, James Aylett and Jonathan Jenkins.

Listen again to the Pando Patron-a-thon

Part one: With special guest Jason Hirschhorn.

Starting at noon today, and ending when you decide: Pando's Patron-a-thon radio show

At noon pacific -- 3pm eastern -- we’re taking to the airwaves with a very special radio show.

Tune in Monday for Pando's first ever Patron-a-thon

Monday at noon Pacific we kick off a very special live radio show that lasts as long as you want it to.

Profitability or Bust: Introducing Pando Patrons!

The next year is going to be a brutal year for tech companies – likely prompting all kinds of desperate behavior – and we’ll be right there, covering the worst of it. But there's one thing that can stop us...

Cool dude lawyer sends Pando very uncool (and super secret!) legal threat

As regular readers will know, Pando has a longstanding policy of publishing any and all legal threats we receive, no matter how ridiculous.

Business Insider and Twitchcon: Listen to today's PandoLIVE right now

We're joined by Dan Raile to discuss the sale of Business Insider to Axel Springer, and the aftermath of Twitchcon.

We’re coming to Chicago and we need your help

Help us find the best food, venues and local event planners.

Sarah no longer has pneumonia! PandoLIVE is back!

We're joined by David Forbes to discuss all the stories Sarah missed while she was away, but also to talk about his incredible "Zero Tolerence Generation" series.

Tune in to today's PandoLIVE at 1:30pm pacific today

On the agenda today: Modi's visit to Silicon Valley, David Forbes' Zero Tolerence Generation series and more.

Listen again to this week's PandoLIVE (and so much more on Radio Pando)

On yesterday's episode, Sarah was out sick but Paul was joined by Dan Raile to discuss the aftermath of Dreamforce, including Travis Kalanick's controversial keynote interview.

Introducing Radio Pando

Three live shows a week, plus all-star interviews, War Nerd Wednesdays and much more. 

Join us for this week's PandoLIVE: Today at 1pm Pacific

This week we're talking about Lyft and Didi vs Uber and Bradford Shellhammer's second act. We'll also be joined form the Dreamforce conference by Dan Raile.

Trump, China and the DOD: Listen again to Friday's episode of PandoLIVE

In this week's episode of PandoLIVE, we discussed Donald Trump, Uber China and were joined live by Dan Raile from Moffett Field to talk about the DOD's new attempts to make nice with Silicon Valley.

Zirtual, Draper, Trump: Listen again to this week's PandoLIVE

In Friday's episode of PandoLIVE, we were joined by Pando's Dan Raile to discuss ABC's "Startup U," Donald Trump and the continuing nonsense around Zirtual.

Listen again to this week's PandoLIVE

In this week's show, we discuss the fall and fall of Twitter, the fall and not-really rise of Zirtual and share some of what we've learned from launching Pando's subscription program.

PandoLIVE is back! [LIVE NOW!]

A different day and time, same biting commentary and horrible music Join Sarah and me, live at 1:30pm Pacific.

Next week's PandoMonthly with David Sze and Reid Hoffman: Pando Members come for free

It’s hard to find a duo that has funded more top companies shaping where the Web has gone and where it’s going.


A brief update on how the new new Pando is going.