Yasha Levine
Yasha Levine

Are government-backed privacy tools really going to protect us from President Trump?

The crypto industry says forget collective action, forget politics. Use encryption apps! Tech trumps everything in our fight for collective freedom.

Silicon Valley welcomes the Indian Prime Minister!*

* And promises not to mention the pogroms, or the human rights abuses, or the State Department visa blacklisting. Whatevs!

A Journey Through Oligarch Valley: End of the Road

One day out here is enough to get you down. A few days can turn into full-blown depression.

A Journey Through Oligarch Valley, Pt 8: Redwood City (Detour)

You can pick up the scent of Oligarch Valley overlords in the most unexpected places.

A Journey Through Oligarch Valley, Pt 7: Corcoran (Exit 334)

Here in Corcoran, everything except the air belongs to the Boswell clan, an old slave-plantation family hailing from the state of Georgia.

A Journey Through Oligarch Valley, Pt 6: Cowschwitz (Exit 334)

The stench—the awful stench—was better than any visual landmark. Welcome to Harris Ranch, California...

A Journey Through Oligarch Valley, Pt 5: Resnicks (Exit 253)

The economic viability of this piece of Oligarch Valley depends on Iran being kept in a state of a permanent economic blockade.

A Journey Through Oligarch Valley, Pt 4: Moron (Exit 225)

Taft is an oil town, swept up in the toxic fracking revolution that’s taking the U.S. energy sector by storm.

A Journey Through Oligarch Valley, Pt 3: Septic Tank (Exit 244)

Green Acres is not so much a farm, as a place where the great big city of Los Angeles dumps just about all of its shit.

A Journey Through Oligarch Valley, Pt 2: Tejon Ranch (Exit 215) 

Tejon Ranch shows how a small clique of lowkey aristocratic families continue to plunder California, all because one of their ancestors got here earlier than anyone else.

Today on Twitter: The US Ambassador and the fascists

I’m writing my Surveillance Valley book, but I just can’t help but peer from time to time at the giant catastrophe taking place in my ancestral homeland of Ukraine.

A journey through Oligarch Valley

I head up California's I-5 to discover the putrid truth lurking beneath Central Valley.

The CIA helped sell a mapping startup to Google. Now they won't tell us why

Agency denies my FOIA request, telling me they can "neither confirm nor deny" existence of documents explaining the deal.

"We got geeks": Inside Google's ugly war against the homeless in LA

In Los Angeles, Google has a brilliantly simple plan to combat homelessness: Hire private security to harass and push the homeless out sight, and then make sure that the smelly bastards and their tents and carts never come back.